Post card from ALMS weekend at Lime Rock

A spectacular weekend weather wise. After four or five soggy events back to back, it is refreshing to work a perfectly sunny race. It is actually too good, the temperatures are in the mid to high nineties so it is stincken hot.

We decided to camp at the track this time because last time it worked out really well for Tim and I. Not this time though, not sure if it is due to the caliber of the venue, ALMS is very high profile for Lime Rock, but this time Skip Barber and his high security team treated us volunteers as absolute jerks.

The racing this year seems quite boring too. Not sure what it was that made last year very exciting, the atmosphere this year was sleepy. The much anticipated Lambourghini Trofeo was definitely a major snoozer.

Race day tomorrow. Fingers crossed for an excellent event!

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