Post card from the Grand Prix of Long Beach

Greetings from the 39th annual LBGP, one of three of my marshalling events in the Golden State: California.

long beach gp 3

The day went by smoothly this Friday, though there were some incidents I got to flag, like an LMP1 prototype flying over our roundabout shrub or the Indycar that overcorrected it and met the wall opposite our station. Even a celebrity race pilot went nose deep into the tire barrier.

Worst of all was station role assignments. I wad doomed to doing yellow flag for all series. Of the seven people on station, three out of state marshals like me got yellow flag duties, while three locals got to blue flag everything. The last local woman did comms all weekend. Not fair from the onset, but worse, the blue flaggers refused to rotate during sessions, making each practice or race, a sleepingly boring experience. No bueno SoCal, no bueno!