#MarshalHandbook | Pro Marshal Handbook


The 2015 Pro Marshal Handbook completed thus far, please choose:

Events Series Clubs Circuits
29 races 9 series 6 clubs 23 race tracks


2015 will be a year where I, thanks to some very unfortunate collection of circumstances, will not get to volunteer many or in fact any Motorsport events.

But this hobby has consumed my life for a better part of the last four years and I would like to do some research to better my experience and the experience of my friends and colleagues by compiling publicly available information into a simple template that could be used when organizing a trip to volunteer for an event. I know this information will be especially useful for an international marshal.

The Formula I came up with consists of 4 components and several basic questions that I will hopefully be able to find appropriate information to answer. For example, at this time the only thing I know about the upcoming NOLA Grand Prix is where New Orleans Louisiana is. But by the time I’m finished with my research not only will I know basic information about the event I’ll be able to share it in a concise and easy to understand format with others.

The 4 criteria are:

  1. Event
  2. Series
  3. Club
  4. Circuit

Each criteria will answer the following Questions:

  • Event:

When is it?

Where is it?

How do I get there?

How can I save money getting there?

When can I register?

Who do I register with?

What should I bring to the event if selected and what’s provided?

  • Series:

What role will I play?

What are the flag rules?

What are the communications procedures?

What are the response procedures?

What are the full course caution and restart procedures?

  • Club

What organization is organizing marshals for the event?

Can I participate with that organization with my club?

How do I register with them?

What are their contact details?

  • Circuits

Where is the circuit?

How do I get there?

Where is the registration and credentials collection?

Where is the morning meeting?

Where can I park for the event?

Where can I stay or camp?

What are the track specs?

Where are the marshal stations?

What should I bring to the event and what’s provided?


That’s it! Basic, elementary information that I’m sure anyone has asked themselves when attempting to participate at a new event for the first time. Keep in mind that since the information researched is pulled from publicly available information, it may be completely inaccurate so the best thing to do is to always ask the flag chief of the event for specific details. But chances are the information will give you guidance on what to expect, and if you do have questions prepare you for what questions to actually ask. You can’t ask questions about something you don’t know about, right?

Please stay tuned for the links to follow shortly, and if you can contribute with any helpful information I would greatly appreciate it. The events I will talk about in detail are those I identified in my last post about “How I would go about writing a marshal’s handbook” this project is that Marshal’s Handbook 🙂

See what I have come up with so far: 2015 Pro Marshal’s Handbook

PS. How is this different from what I normally blog about? Typically, I blog about events I’ve already done or am about to do. With the handbook I will research information for events that I will not be doing or may not be necessarily allowed to do as you will notice many tracks rely solely on their employees and not clubs to staff events. I will talk about it in some detail.