Rally America rallycross at NJMP

At last I got an opportunity to participate in rallycross. New Jersey Motorsports Park hosted Rally America and its field of rally cars everything from old Dodge Neon to a Ford Mustang and of course a few Mitsubishi Evo Lancer’s and Subaru WRX’s.

The fields were quite small, with two to five cars per heat. But it was exciting to watch. I guess we got lucky because the wind was in our favor, but the photographers closer to the turn were getting nice clouds of dust every time the cars went by.

The day before rallycross I got to work the Bertil Roos racing school class on NJMP Lightning track. As boring as it was to watch, apparently the perks of participating are some seat time behind the wheel of their racing cars. An incentive that would be attractive to some, but kind of useless for me. Oh well… next event is Trans Am at Lime Rock Park.

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