Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix – MotoGP

With both Grand Am racing in Montreal and ALMS at Road America I find myself in Indianapolis for the MotoGP Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix. The atmosphere seemed fantastic, there were tons and tons of bikes throughout the city, and especially at the race track. Because the inner circuit was used, parts of the oval served as parking areas for thousands of bikers.

On track too there was a slew of motorcycle enthusiasts, many of whom were volunteering as flaggers for the first time. It was not your typical SCCA corner worker experience. Granted USAC ran the event and as always I enjoy their hospitality more so than at any other event so far outside of IMS, the experience was just different. Unlike the last time I was volunteering at IMS the course was run in the opposite direction, I found myself on the same station I was last time except it’s changed from turn 10 to turn 7. We were actually on grass, with three flag marshals (two guys from Colorado besides me) and three track marshals who were all employed by IMS. Unlike cars, the crashes were far more spectacular though not much happened at our corner. For Moto2 rider of bike #9 laid his bike down for all three practices over a three day period. Other than that it was just amazing to see how low the bikes go in the turn with the rider hanging over the side.

In terms of getting to the event, I finally flew. After a few month hiatus from flying it was nice to be up in the air again. In the true Flyer Talk spirit instead of paying more to fly direct I booked a cheaper flight from LaGuardia in NYC to Detroit. Initially I thought I made a mistake because fuel prices spiked significantly since the last time I visited Michigan and Indiana, but I lucked out on the car rental. While my original booking was more than $40 a day I managed to reduce it to $17 a day before my flight by booking a Hotwire special. Very happy with that experience as it saved me over $100 just on car rental alone. Anyway, enjoy the facebook pix:

motogp indianapolis 1

motogp indianapolis 2

motogp indianapolis 3

motogp indianapolis 5

motogp indianapolis 6

motogp indianapolis 7