Registration Open for Petit Le Mans, Houston GP, Grand-Am @ Laguna Seca

Over the MotoGP weekend the registration for Petit Le Mans has been made available on : Which is an event I most definitely signed up for.

If someone would be interested in participating in this 10 hour 1000 mile race, also consider a local SCCA event the following weekend for the 13 hours of VIR. Registration for that is also available on

I also keep getting invited to register for the Houston Grand Prix featuring IndyCar and World Challenge. And as much as I’d love to go, I just can’t find the budget to do it this year, which is a big shame considering the local SCCA region seems quite short on volunteers. The Houston IndyCar race is a double header, featuring two races like Detroit or Toronto, both of which I’ve done and they were a lot of fun. This being a street circuit race would also mean that accommodation would be easier to find. But what can I do.

I have just learned that my registration e-mail for the Formula One, Grand Prix of the Americas was actually my acceptance e-mail. Who would of thought, right? But boy am I excited to be accepted again, considering I have purchased my air tickets long ago. Looking forward to my sixth F1 Grand Prix this season.

Stay tuned for other event registration calls in the near future.

If you are in a position to promote an event seeking race volunteers get in touch with me and I’ll be happy to share it on this blog. Cheers!