Regular Car Reviews should review my NC GT PRHT

In a short, not too distant future there will be a YouTube video of my car with Mr. Regular from the Regular Car Reviews making a snarky comment about how this guy (me) wanted his crappy car reviewed so bad he made a blog post about it. (this one)

And I’m OKAY with that.

I want Regular Car Reviews guy or people, however many of them there are, to do a thorough and sarcastic review of the NC Miata using my 2007 MX-5 GT PRHT with an automatic… AUTOMATIC!

I think it would be the coolest thing ever. I’m prepared to go on a Road Trip all the way to Pennsylvania to make it happen too… how far could it possibly be? I got the free time. I would love to drive the car more… summer’s coming, etc. Let’s do it!

So would any of my people get in touch with their people and make it happen? I’ll probably even buy a t-shirt from the Miata videos they’ve already made, and you could too… here’s the link:

regular car reviews

But more importantly go back and watch the damn videos, they’re hilariously funny… Here’s the original:

Track day bro! Yo… Hoosiers, bro… Cones. Gonna Tear it Up! lol…

It’s the Best! The BEST!

Naturally Aspirated 1990 Miata… The feminine version.

I’m a fan of the Regular Car Reviews, ever since I saw one of their early videos shared on Jalopnik. It was the one with the Volvo S60R. I don’t always get the humor and the references but I can’t wait to see what they could muster with my car.

What would be really funny is…  if this actually happens.

Link to the awesome YouTube channel: