Renewal Notice: Your SCCA Membership

An interesting e-mail I got today:


scca renewal

Dear Russ,

In about 60 days your SCCA membership will expire.

     You: WHAT!?

     Us: Yes.

     You: Nooooooo!

     Us: Yes

     You: Nooooooo!

Calm down now, Russ. It’s okay. Really. There’s an easy fix: Renew your membership now.

Attend, compete or volunteer for great events.

– Continue building camaraderie with other like-minded enthusiasts.

– Take advantage of member benefits like discounts on retail goods and services.

– Continue your SportsCar magazine subscription.

– Much more.

We could go on, but we think it’s time to let you do your thing.

Renew today: If you prefer to renew by mail, a renewal packet will arrive in about a week

Please disregard this notice if you’ve already sent your renewal.

Thanks for being a member!

SCCA Member Services
(800) 770-2055

Why interesting?

Because it doesn’t seem like the right hand knows what the left is doing. One moment I’m being asked to leave… the next, a hand is extended asking for money.

What should I do?