SBK< World Superbikes at Phillip Island debrief

Another season opener, this time on two wheels. I have to say that Phillip Island Grand Prix circuit is the most scenic and exotic racetrack I have ever been to. Especially working turn 6.8 Right, the Siberia corner, was a fantastic view of the ocean behind the bikes making a sharp turn towards us.

Surprisingly enough I got to do a lot of recoveries. My station had no flags on it, and no shade as a result. But I was on comms the whole weekend so I could hear what was happening throughout the practice stints and races, and got to call in a few bike #’s that crashed in our turn. Jumping over the tire wall and hay bales was interesting, but we got to recover almost half a dozen bikes, especially on Saturday Supersport practice where there was a complete tire failure for a lot of competitors.

Some pix:

phillip island sbk 2

phillip island sbk 3

phillip island sbk 4

phillip island sbk 5

phillip island sbk 6

The ratio of my bike to car races is highly skewed to cars, but I’m looking forward to my next MotoGP at Indianapolis later this year ­čÖé

PS. I can’t say enough good things about the Phillip Island circuit, for anyone thinking about doing it, there’s no question do it any opportunity you get!

sbk phillip island group