SCCA at Pocono vs. NASCAR at Watkins Glen

Which one would you choose?

I’ve presented the idea of a conflict in scheduling before, but that was for major events like the Australian F1 Grand Prix vs. Sebring 12 hour in Florida. It was and always is tough to decide which events to apply for as a volunteer. But what would you do when you can’t even volunteer for a race day because of work commitments but could only work a Friday practice day… What kind of trip is worth the drive? Go to a track 1 hour away, 2 hours, 5 hours, etc.

That’s the dilemma I have next week. I’ve been rather busy at work though I still only have two meaningful days of employment which fall on the weekend. This makes my volunteering practically impossible as most racing events take place over Saturday and/or Sunday. Now I want to volunteer, but what is reasonable to do… drive 5 hours each way to Watkins Glen for a major event like NASCAR or drive 2 hours away for a club event with the SCCA? Ironically I pass through the Poconos every time I drive to Watkins Glen in Pennsylvania. Pretty hard to decide.

licence platesOne interesting thing to consider is that I have never worked at Pocono Raceway before. I’ve been very tempted to check it out and add it to the list of tracks I’ve marshaled, it would be track #35.

What doesn’t help is watching other marshals sharing their experiences on Flag Marshals of the World facebook group, which does nothing else but makes me jealous.

flag marshals of the world


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