SCCA F&C Fundamentals by Ed Shuler on iTunes

Something interesting popped up on my Facebook timeline: SCCA F&C Fundamentals booklet by Ed Shuler available for FREE download on iTunes for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch users.

How cool?

scca f&c fundamentals by ed shuler

Ed obviously intends this 32 page booklet to be helpful for the newbie marshals starting out their Motorsport volunteering careers in the United States (and maybe North America including Canada and Mexico) working primarily with the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) organization which includes both Club events and Pro events where Ed covers IndyCar and FIA (which includes F1).

itunes scca f&c fundamentals by ed shuler

Like I mentioned the booklet is a FREE download from this link: if you are a Mac or iOS user.

I am very happy to see this sort of publishing made available to the masses, especially through a popular medium like iTunes. I bet many of the people that stumble onto this free booklet would know little or nothing about marshaling or Motorsport volunteering. So the promotional value of the material is great.

But the cynic in me worries about a few things:

  1. There’s more to marshaling in the US than just SCCA
  2. Ed may get in trouble with the SCCA publishing things not approved by Topeka, although I’m sure he’d have asked permission.
  3. What is F&C? For the newbies it would have made more sense to spell out: Flagging & Communication.

Nevertheless I applaud and welcome Ed’s efforts and wish him nothing but the best of luck with this and possible subsequent publications to benefit the marshaling community. At the very least this is something SCCA as a club should have been doing all along. And not just SCCA as I mentioned above… IMSA, IndyCar, NASCAR and any other club or organization that relies on both volunteers and paid workers to provide “safety” services trackside, along the pit lane, in the paddock, etc.

Go download the booklet and give props to Ed for putting in the effort! Hopefully an Android compatible version will come next.