Singapore F1 Grand Prix & Southeast Asia

I am absolutely exhausted, not sure whether its from the 20+ hour flight home from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia via Tokyo, Japan… or from the two weeks of non-stop travelling around Southeast Asia visiting Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Phuket, Bangkok and Tokyo. I did have fun however, especially at Singtel Singapore F1 GP.

singapore gp 1

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singapore gp 5

I have to say that not everything went absolutely honkey dorey, but things ran like clockwork and I am extremely proud of that achievement. I’ll share the ups and downs below:

1. The day trip to Singapore went super well, I got a chance to drop off my carry-on at my host David’s house, take a refreshing shower, and visit my best friend Vivian on this trip.

2. Two day visit to Kuala Lumpur went extremely well. My host was a wonderful person near Batu Caves, and a number of other Couch Surfers showed up for my foodie night.

3. Two days in Phuket, Thailand went exceptionally well. I loved my rental car, as much as I loved the villa I stayed in with another Couch Surfer.

4. Two days in Bangkok, Thailand went OKAY. Not fantastic but by no means bad either. My hosts were great European expats, shame I missed an opportunity to meet locals.

5. Singapore F1 GP went exceptionally well also, though I was a bit frustrated that for some reason this year I was treated more like an outsider compared to last year.

6. Final day in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was an absolute blast. Another sightseeing foodie tour saw a number of people come join and we had a hell of a time together.

7. I decided to clear customs and immigration to get some sushi at Narita Airport in Tokyo Though after a little while I felt like a zombie, so sleepy.

Overall, it was a memorable trip. Though obviously things could have gone better.

There’s always next year ­čÖé

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thai singapore gp

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