Singapore GP Marshal Recruitment Process for 2015

Interested in marshaling the 2015 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix? Of course you are… why wouldn’t you be?

So the recruitment process is now underway. It goes in stages. About a week ago returning officials were notified to log into the system and express their interest in returning. Soon after there will be the referral process where a unique referral key will be available for first timers provided by returning officials to sign up ahead of the general public. And finally the registration process will be open to everyone interested in the event by filling out an online application.

Want to beat the rest of the crowd and fast track your application with a referral code? Check out the Flag Marshals of the World facebook group as there are a ton of Singaporean and SGP visiting marshals (many of them from Australia, Europe and the Emirates) that will certainly be happy to share with you their digits. My last SGP was back in 2013 and since I stopped coming back they have stopped inviting me, so don’t ask me for a referral. In the same breath it’s worth say that Singapore GP organizers certainly don’t need my help in promoting the event, they are always way oversubscribed as I have talked about in this blog for years now. But, for those of you interested, and I’m sure many still are, this is an amazing event to be involved with. Besides the exotic setting and incredible appeal of Singapore as a city, the event itself oozes with discipline and professionalism displaying how F1 events should be run. And since I started my marshaling adventures in Singapore I will always feel a sentimental connection to the place even when I no longer live there.

Sign up, you will love it!

Some of my favorite pix from year’s past at SGP:

sgp 1

Singapore Grand Prix, F1 2012