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The whole world of motor sports runs on sponsorship and volunteering is no exception. Its awfully expensive to travel to events locally and around the world and any help is highly appreciated. My biggest contributor/money saver is being a part of CouchSurfing.org as a surfer and an occasional host. I’ve been hosted numerous times throughout Asia, Australia and New Zealand as well as back home in the US and Canada which saved me a fortune in accommodation costs. As a bonus, some meaningful friendships have been made with people from all walks of life that I wouldn’t have had the pleasure of meeting otherwise.   So thanks CS!

Frequent flyer forums also help keep long distance expenses down, especially with credit card promos shared on FlyerTalk.com and MilePoint.com I have been able to take two trips to Singapore, and a round trip to New Zealand via Australia for fraction of what it would normally cost thanks to those deals. So thanks FT & MP!

If you wish to contribute please do get in touch: www.facebook.com/golyak

Whatever the contribution from cash to discount coupons, fuel gift cards, hotel vouchers or airline frequent flyer miles, every little bit helps.

Be sure to also visit Jessie Lynne’s web site: SponsorAFlagger.com

She is offering nifty little apparel, including colorful t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. for a very reasonable price. And all proceeds go to helping her volunteer at motorsport events.

Jessie Lynne has also been generous enough to offer event specific promotions, dividing up profits from her merchandise sales to help out several marshals including myself. Check out her campaign for the Northeast Grand Prix at Lime Rock Park over the 4th of July Independence Day weekend.

Direct link: http://myroadtrip.net/?p=2300

UPDATE: Thank you Jessie for the gas money to the Northeast GP! Much appreciated. Jessie has also started offering Gas Card raffles at various SCCA events. If you’re lucky enough to receive one of the Sponsor a Flagger gifts please share your appreciation on the Sponsor a Flagger Spotted blog: http://sponsor.myroadtrip.net/

If you are in a position to donate Gas Cards to be raffled off on Sponsor a Flagger contact myself or Jessie via: http://sponsoraflagger.com/

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