Notes from my first day training as a Starter.


  • Green Flag
  • Blue Flag
  • White Flag
  • Yellow Flags (x2)
  • Red Flag
  • Black Flag
  • Meatball Flag
  • Checkered Flag
  • Sound Board
  • 1 Lap Board
  • Pace Car Board
  • Stop Watch/Clock
  • Timer
  • Radio


  • Point – Blue Flagger also displays Green Flag and Checkered Flag
  • Back-up – Yellow Flagger also displays White Flag, holds Boards
  • Communicator communicates with race control
  • Score Chart – Charting positions each lap

For Practice Green Flag on the Out lap

For Racing Double Yellow Flags on the Out lap

Display Green Flag when Pace Car enters behind ARMCO into Pit Lane, cars must be two by two, in formation, not strung out. Be perfectly motionless until it’s time to display Green Flag.

Display 1 Lap Board to the Leader when the time on the clock runs out. Must calculate when 18 minute race would end so that previous stations can do call outs for the leader approaching start. For example if it’s an 18 minute race, and the leader does 1:20 laps, must factor in when 1:20 would expire before leader gets to start, otherwise if there’s time on the clock the leader gets another lap.

Communicator participates in course check, comes in after whatever last station is. Typical course check starts at station one.

Call race control with 9 minute warning, 5 minute warning, and other time warnings as requested.

Call race control when leader is about to work the last lap so that previous stations could do call outs. Radio silence for everyone else.

Motorsport Marshal, Miata Driver, Hot Wheels Collector