Sunday Fun Day Part 2! SCCA Solo II AutoX at the Meadowlands

Consider the Context…

(update August 9, 2017)

Before everyone commenting loses their shit, just a reminder about context. I don’t have the SKILL nor the MONEY to AutoX myself.  The one or two times a year I get to watch someone else “race” and have an opinion on the “atmosphere/scene” should not be interpreted as intent to hurt people’s precious feelings.

It’s an opinion. Everyone has one. 

Here’s the context part… as a Motorsport Volunteer for Road Racing in the US my fees are the same as those participating in AutoX. The fee’s to volunteer are going up. My opinion on the huge number of participants at the Meadowlands below simply points out that the club brings in enough money not to shake down volunteers the same fees as participants. And for the money they do collect more should be offered, like say… training for the marshals. Which has not been offered recently in this area. None of my opinion below is about how much individuals choose to spend on their car in this hobby. 


My day got better as I kept on hearing tires screeching on the neighboring parking lot in the Meadowlands… I was already enjoying the view of the older MX-5’s racing… I discovered one white NA had huge plumes of flames shooting out under braking at the end of their autoX course… so my goal was to catch it on film trying to take a picture. I of unfortunately failed. But having heard the noise of engines roaring nearby decided to check out what it was.

Boy am I glad I did…. because it both excited me and pissed me off.

I’ll explain why, but first let me share some pix:

Notice anything different to Parking Lot L?

Parking Lot E definitely looks different… Most cars didn’t drive here on their own, they were towed. Most car numbers are real stickers not painter’s tape. The cars are newer. The asphalt looks better in the parking lot. Hey, these folks got deep pockets!

This is what excites me… the cool cars. The variety. The performance. And this is what pisses me off… Look at all this fucking money! I’m so sick and tired of SCCA raising fees because they need more money and look at all this stuff in SOLO, they are not hurting for money. They got all the money in the world. It upsets me that they can’t afford to offer training in this area of the country, the New York/New Jersey Regions, but the money clearly is flowing in. Anyway… back to the cars, racing around cones set up on a big parking lot. I enjoyed watching. It was great! Many cars traveled long distance to be here. I saw lots of NER – New England Region stickers. A lot of cars with Connecticut plates. A lot of serious machinery, racing for 40-50 seconds at a time. And that’s cool!

But even with the cool machinery I was bored after five minutes.

So I departed on my final stop of my Sunday Fun Day automotive adventures… BBQ with car people in Edison.