SuperSpeeders Podcast Video on YouTube Chat about Marshaling

Rob Ferretti has just uploaded a video from the SuperSpeeders podcast I joined him for a month ago. Check it out:

In the podcast Rob talked about some gripes he has with the artificially low speed limit on a local highway that plays right into the hands of the recent findings how Police departments around the US are unfairly targeting citizens for economic gains. He talked about his visit to Hennessey shop in Texas and of course had a lengthy chat with me about marshaling. (International Travel on the Cheap, and Foodie experiences)

I asked Rob for some advice about creating a podcast, something I would really like to do myself on the marshaling topic, and he invited me to join him, which was quite nice. I learned that doing a podcast is surprisingly painless and with a few volunteers I should be able to put something together soon.

I think having a Marshal Podcast would be a great tool to keep the idea of volunteering in Motorsport prevalent in social media, and perhaps act as a recruiting tool for Motorsport fans that weren’t aware that volunteering as a marshal was possible. It would also be a great tool to keep fellow marshals interested in topics that marshals around the world feel are important. An open discussion would cover all sorts of issues and topics that may be of interest to a variety of people.

I’m hoping to get something posted soon. If anyone reading this is interested in participating please get in touch!

I’m also hoping to record an episode on the road at the next event I volunteer, so volunteers are needed for that.