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Accepted to the 24 hours of Le Mans

Just a week before my flight to France I have received an acceptance letter to marshal the 24 hours of Le Mans at the legendary Circuit de la Sarthe. Normally I would start the post with “Woo Hoo Got Accepted to…” but the mood is still somewhat dampened by last weekend’s escapades and the fact that none of my travel plans for Le Mans in France and the British Grand Prix in the UK are complete. I have never been so ashamed of myself as I am now with my piss poor planning for this massive series of events. Of course there are things that were beyond my control and that are still incredibly frustrating, like my SNCF train tickets for TGV and Eurostar being lost in the mail and still in limbo whether to buy another way or continue to wait with hope against hope that they will ultimately show up before my flight. Its not easy.

Getting into Le Mans was also not easy. For anyone considering doing the event, as I’m sure many would hold this race as a pinnacle of their marshalling career, be aware that its more difficult to apply for than Formula 1. In my case, by leaps and bounds more difficult. But its not impossible. So if interested, pursue it!

I’m not sure what my Internet situation will be once in Europe so updates will probably be limited, but I am looking forward to enjoying my experience to the fullest once I arrive. Despite still having holes in the transportation and accommodation department. It will be an expensive trip but one that I know I will want to repeat in the future. Stay tuned!

Planning my next trip to Europe

I’ll be setting my foot on the ground in Frankfurt for the second time in two months next week when I do another round-the-world trip for the Korean GP. However my next proper visit to Europe will be a bit longer than a three hour connection. My goal is to marshal the 24 hours of LeMans for the first time, the pinnacle of sports car racing followed by another stint marshalling Formula 1 at the historic Silverstone circuit in the United Kingdom.

I’ve met people both in the US and overseas that have done these events in tandem and they come highly recommended. But there’s also a stark warning that its not so easy to participate as the selection criteria is pretty strict, so unless you know someone you’re not getting in.

Naturally, I’m starting my planning way early to make sure I do in fact spend a few weeks in Europe next June, doing what I love: marshalling trackside at some of the most amazing events in the automotive world.

Fingers crossed.