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Baltimore GP ALMS crash at Turn 1

I started the race on yellow flag for the Baltimore Sports Car Challenge presented by SRT, and as you can see from the video I didn’t have to wait long to start waiving it. What a clusterfuck! Having watched the race on www.alms.com web site, the TV coverage didn’t do the incident justice! Not even close. But the spectators in the VIP box behind our station did a fantastic job capturing the traffic jam that resembled the rest of Baltimore downtown when I arrived to collect my credentials on sign on. Judge for yourself:

Five wide on what otherwise is a three lane Pratt Street in Baltimore is insane! No other incident after in any of the support series including Indycar replicated the excitement. Ironically all of us on station 1 that morning were watching the big F1 crash at turn 1 of Belgian GP involving Alonso, Hamilton, Grosjean et al.
The backstory on the incident: during the traditional American LeMans fan pit walk prior to the race, some idiot spectator pulled the fire extinguisher pin on the #20 prototype setting it off. Even though he was arrested, and the team cleaned the car, obviously they missed a spot because the Dyson LMP1 clearly failed to turn sparking a chain reaction and a pile up.