GT3 Race Car Wiki & Spotter Guide

The modern Grand Touring class of racing is currently by far my favorite form of Motorsport. It’s true when it came to selecting what race events I wanted to volunteer in the past and it’s true now when it comes to what diecast models I choose to add to my collection. What are GT race […]

Post Card from the Grand Prix of Lime Rock, Pirelli World Challenge Weekend Minus Formula 4

Today went by in a flash… I was fortunate enough to work my first Pro-weekend as a backup starter at Lime Rock Park for the Pirelli World Challenge event dubbed the Grand Prix of Lime Rock. I didn’t even think it’d be possible, but sure enough Andy Smith the flag chief for this weekend granted my wishes […]

Grid Walk at Spa 24h

One of the coolest things I did at Spa 24 hour was the grid walk. The experience allowed me to take a shit ton of pictures of cars up close which meant I didn’t bother trying to use the phone at any other time which has historically gotten me in a lot of trouble for […]

Driver Parade to the center of Spa, Belgium

Most race tracks out there want racing fans to come to the circuit to check out the beautiful machinery racing there. Not Spa 24h. At 4pm on the Wednesday leading up to the big endurance race a number of race cars leave Spa-Francorchamps under their own steam to drive a few kilometers to the center of […]

Lone Star Le Mans Media

It’s one thing to roam around the paddock awkwardly trying to get a selfie right and another to have someone kindly capture some spectacular memories for you with a fancy DSLR. I got lucky on Wednesday afternoon, just a day before Lone Star Le Mans officially hit the track at the Circuit of the Americas […]