Mazda Badge Engineering or… Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)

Leaving the restaurant after celebrating my dad’s birthday my sister noticed a new Fiat 124 Spider in the parking lot and commented: “Hey, that’s a nice Miata!” Funny that… I explained the concept of Fiata to her and thought it would be an excellent topic to research and share in this blog. I like Mazda’s. […]

A Year in Review: My 2016 Volunteering in Motorsport Statistics

Update Dec 30, 2016: Episode 1 is Live! Marshal Radio – A year in Review: 2016 Events Volunteered It’s been a hell of a year! As 2016 comes to a close I wanted to reflect on the things I’ve done by the numbers. The statistics. The talking points for my upcoming Marshal Radio Episode #1. So… […]

Bathurst 12 Hour Marshal Invite, Mount Panorama February 3-5, 2017

If you think marshal invitations for Lone Star Le Mans & Petit Le Mans are early, you haven’t gotten an invite for 2017 yet… mine showed up a few days ago from Australia. The Bathurst 12 hour race is in February of 2017 but V8 Supercars or just Supercars are already recruiting! Having done it twice, […]

Found a Place That Rents MX-5’s! You Can Win a 3-Day Rental During Their Launch Too… Good Luck!

Good news! Thanks to an Aussie marshal colleague and a fellow Mazda nut, I’ve stumbled across another company that rents MX-5 Miata’s! They are even offering a Sweepstakes where the winner would take one of their beautiful ND MX-5’s on a 3-day complimentary rental… presumably in the Sydney area. Not much info is posted yet […]

Mazda MX-5: NC Miata Rear-Quarter Trailer by Paul Byers in Australia

One of the coolest things I got to see on my trip Down Under was the NC MX-5 Miata rear quarter trailer made by Paul Byers. Unfortunately I only saw the thing very briefly and the fuzzy/grainy picture above is the only proof as I ran down the sidewalk fumbling my phone to get a […]

What other ASN’s could learn from CAMS: Confederation of Australian Motor Sport

There’s much we could learn from CAMS: Confederation of Australian Motor Sport and I would hope all international ASN’s are taking note of the things this club is doing RIGHT. The latest Officials Newsletter ticks all the right boxes for me: First, there’s a call for action: Marshals Wanted! I really applaud this national ASN reaching […]

Mazda MX-5: Miata Shopping in Australia Visiting Blue Mountains Mazda, Sydney & NSW’s Best MX-5 Dealer

back to: South Pacific MX-5 Miata Road Trip Overview MX-5 Shopping in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia MX-5 Road Trip from Kirribilli to Balmoral, NSW, Australia MX-5 Road Trip from Papakura towards Coromandel, NZ MX-5 Hire Cars on Holiday in Rarotonga, Cook Islands Much like the faux-Miata shopping trip in Singapore took me to a few dealerships on […]

Bathurst 12h around Mount Panorama, Intercontinental GT Challenge Season Opener Debrief

Hey remember that new Intercontinental GT Challenge series? After volunteering Spa 24 hour in Belgium I’ve been obsessing about all things SRO, for a variety of reasons. One of the better ones being the quality of race cars participating in their events. This was true at Sepang 12 hour a few months ago, another event […]

Postcard from Bathurst 12 Hour

G’day Australia! When I decided to volunteer for the Bathurst 12 hour again, it was hard to contain my excitement through every step of the process, from planning to finally travelling there. And I have to admit that everything went exactly as planned, which made the trip that much more perfect. One of the highlights […]

Mazda MX-5: 500+ Photo Road Trip – South Pacific Visiting MX-5 Owners in Australia, New Zealand & Cook Islands

Another year and another massive MX-5 Road Trip… this time to the South Pacific. I had the pleasure and privilege to visit the Mazda Roadster community  in Australia, New Zealand and kinda sorta in Rarotonga, the Cook Islands. In this post I will share my experience from this trip including the contact info for the local […]