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What Should My 15th Country To Marshal Be?

As I’m soaking in the sunshine in South Beach, Miami admiring all these beautiful people from all over the world, I can’t help but wonder what should the Fifteenth country for me to marshal be?

It’s quite the anniversary and an accomplishment in my book, but it’s also frustrating to figure out what to do. The best course of action, so to speak.

So what are my options?

I’ll start with what I’d like my options to be, and it’s something I’ve written about before. And they are the most unlikely places that I’d really like to marshal but that haven’t allowed me to marshal there yet. And they include Macau and Japan. Macau or Macao would be amazing to experience the Guia Circuit (which I’ve visited as a tourist before) during the Macau Grand Prix where all sorts of Motorsport takes to the street course over the same weekend, including Open wheel cars, Touring cars, and Motorcycles. That would be fantastic, but unlikely because 1. I don’t speak Cantonese to work there, 2. I don’t live in Hong Kong or Macau and don’t have the appropriate work visa to volunteer and 3. I cannot make any of their training sessions to qualify as a local volunteer, and they’re not open to visiting marshals which is a shame. It’s a similar situation in Japan to volunteer for the SuperGT series at Suzuka for example for Pokka 1000 which I thought would be a really cool event. Main issue there is I don’t speak Japanese and none of the locals are keen to babysit a foreign marshal even though there are Japanese marshals that travel to other countries to volunteer, they don’t reciprocate.

I have considered reaching out to the Bahraini marshals to see if I could join them for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku. That seems like a destination that would be quite memorable to visit. But I don’t know how likely they are to accept me as a volunteer.

Recently I considered Mexico as a convenient place to go to next. I’ve worked with a number of Mexican officials at the Long Beach GP, the Canadian and US GP’s and other events in the US. But when I reached out to my Mexican contacts I was made to understand that it was “impossible” to volunteer in Mexico because they were oversubscribed on marshals as soon as their GP was announced. Bummer!

Perhaps Brazil would be a logical choice? Well, the only thing that has stopped me from going to Latin America so far is the outrageous VISA fees. I can’t imagine paying $160 or $180 dollars for a visa when I normally don’t spend that much on flights. So that’s not really at the top of my list thus far.

So the logical choices that I’m left with are the Netherlands or Austria which both host a series I am extremely interested in: DTM. I would love to do the German touring car series in either one of the countries because I’ve already made contacts with both organizers and have worked with plenty of Dutch and some Austrian marshals to know I would be able to manage my volunteering trip there quite easily and conveniently. But which one should I focus on?

That’s the dilemma I’m faced with before I walk a few steps to the amazingly warm waters of the Atlantic and float around for another hour enjoying the opportunity I jumped on to book a cheap flight. Note to self, I ought to sign up for the Miami ePrix to have a better excuse to come back to South Florida to marshal Formula E, although last year that opportunity seemed quite hush hush, because only select few were invited, treated well with hotels that the organizers provided and payment for their work, which is pretty unusual in US volunteering…. maybe that’s why I wasn’t invited?

UPDATE: Red Bull Ring Marshals Contact

Thanks to our German friend Christoph we now have a proper contact for the marshaling bodies at the Red Bull Ring.

You read that right, we’ve found not just the direct link for the people in white & blue uniforms that wave flags and do recoveries at the track, but also the people in red fire suits: EMS crew, rescue vehicle crews and the pit and grid marshal crew: all having their own separate web sites (which no matter how hard we searched before we couldn’t find).

So if you wish to marshal (flaggie/trackie) at the Red Bull Ring, contact this club: www.oesterreichring-sicherheitsstaffel.at/

red bull ring marshals sicherheitsstaffen

If you wish to work on the recovery trucks, and to me it seems like a private tow truck company that happens to be hired by Red Bull Ring to do recovery work on race weekends, contact: www.bergedienst.at/

red bull ring recovery marshal tow company

For the medics out there wishing to volunteer their services for the local EMS crew, do contact them directly: www.ems-sports.at/

red bull ring ems marshals austria

And finally for the Pit & Grid marshals out there interested in performing that activity while volunteering at Red Bull Ring, contact their Pit & Grid crew direct: www.msc-spielberg.at/

red bull ring msc spielberg motorsportclub pit grid marshals

Thanks again Christoph for helping out with this search, I hope some of our readers find the information useful.

How to Marshal a DTM event at Red Bull Ring?

This is a question I don’t have an answer to.

So dear reader, how do you marshal a DTM event at Red Bull Ring?

According to this infographic from voestalpine.com there are 364+ marshals (plus 70 firemen) at Red Bull Ring for the Austrian GP:

red bull ring marshals

Out of all those people there doesn’t seem to be much information about them online, including web sites and through social media. The official Red Bull Ring web site: click here, doesn’t list any links to marshaling opportunities. Austria ASN: Osterreichischer Automobile-Motorrad Und Touring Club (OAMTC) web site: click here, doesn’t link to anything useful either. They seem to be much like ADAC in Germany or AAA in the US, being a general automotive club rather than Motorsport focused club that recruits marshals. Searching for marshals under other tracks in the country like Salzburgring yields a link to: marshals-club.at but their web site makes no mention of the the venue of interest.

I’m quite surprised about this and wanted to share this post to see if people would chime in and help with contacts. Thanks in advance!