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Invitation to Marshal the Azerbaijan F1 Grand Prix on Baku City Circuit in June 2016

Good news for those of you Formula 1 marshals chasing after new host countries: Azerbaijan is recruiting marshals for their inaugural Grand Prix of Europe held on the Baku City Circuit this June.

Here’s the quote directly from the marshals web site:

“Baku City Circuit Operations Company”, the promoter of Formula 1 Grand Prix of Europe in Baku and “Azerbaijan Automobile Federation” are inviting YOU to take part in the race as Marshal!

Who are the Marshals?

Marshals are the key players who make motorsports happen! From the pits and paddock to trackside, marshals allow F1 race run smoothly.

Marshals also named as “Race Officials” in F1 world and their job is essential in providing life-saving safety cover for F1 teams and administrative functions for entire Marshals’ team.

Here is the basic classification of roles and responsibilities for the Marshals:

Scrutineering Marshals – Checking all cars for safety and eligibility each day and to examine any car involved in accident under the direction of FIA Technical Delegate
Flag Marshals – Warning the driver of any situation or danger ahead
Track Marshals – Rescuing drivers, sweeping and clearing debris off the track, assisting Fire & Rescue marshals, assisting Track clearance or Recovery teams
Observers (or Communication Marshals) – observe all happening around the circuit and report it to race Control via radio
Pit Marshals – Responsible for pit layout
Grid or Start line Marshals – Positioning the cars on the grid
Recovery Marshals (Track clearance) – responsible for evacuation and recovery of cars after accident and transporting them to the paddock

What do I need to become Marshal?

Marshalling is for anybody who is real F1 fan and wants to be involved in Baku City Circuit track operations. You don’t need to have any special skills or qualifications to start, just internal drive for speed and common, a reasonably developed sense of self-preservation as the safety is top element of marshaling. Besides, you are expected to meet the below basic requirements for marshaling:

• Knowledge of English
• Medical Fitness
• Minimum age of 21
• Ability to work long working hours and under special working conditions (wearing protective clothing, working under the 35+ Celsius degree etc.)

Are Marshals Paid?

No. Marshaling is a hobby. All Marshals are volunteers who enjoy being part of motorsport.

Main benefits of being Marshal:

• Taking part in making history
• Becoming part of an international family
• Getting closer to the race more than anyone
• Getting Marshal License from Azerbaijan Automobile Federation (AAF) according to FIA standard, which allows to take part in other motorsports events, also beyond borders
• Socializing with sports-loving, hardworking, fun people

Apply now and get a chance to become a part of a Baku Marshals club!

Please send your CV to marshals@faa.az

Facebook link www.facebook.com/BakuMarshals

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I was really hoping to do the Blancpain Sprint/Endurance Series season finale there until it was moved elsewhere, but F1 doesn’t really interest me at this point in my marshaling life. A big plus for this event is that the Bahraini Marshals have been brought in as advisers to help with the smooth running of the event, and the Bahraini marshals are awesome!

Sign up if you can go: https://www.bakucitycircuit.com/marshals

Good luck!