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Mazda MX-5: Miata DashCam Rewire A118C Broken Cable

Earlier this winter my dash cam stopped working. I thought perhaps the bitter cold killed it. But no, it was the cheapo Chinese Cable from eBay that broke. I didn’t find out until I replaced a fuse, the easy way to check would have been just plugging in the USB/ cigarette lighter Cable that the cam came with.

anyway, once I discovered what the issue was I ordered a new Cable on eBay… also from China, also cheap… actually much cheaper than the original, under $3 bux shipped! And this time I ordered one I should have gotten from the get go… a 90 degree cable that won’t experience the same crimping that killed the straight wire I replaced today… some pix:

The new cable came with a smaller converter, which I relocated to the A pillar area instead of the kick panel where the old one was. I also soldered the connections instead of just crimping them. All should be better quality now than my original hack job a few years ago when I first got this dash cam.

Finally bought a DashCam

I need to go on a spending freeze after this week, but I’m excited with my latest purchase. I bought a Dash Cam for my MX-5 Miata!

dash cam a118-c b40 for mazda mx-5 miata

I went with the no-brand Chinese wedge design dash cam called A118-C the capacitor version, also called B40 Pro by some sellers on eBay. It was $66 bux with shipping from California (US stock) and I also got the hard-wire kit to wire it into the system so I have the cigarette lighter free for other use like charging my phone while I drive. I think the design looks pretty neat!dashcam a118c b40 kit for miata mx-5

I will likely use the dash cam alone without the wire cover that extends to the headliner. The MX-5 Miata headliner is plastic and I don’t see how I could stuff the wire under it, but I’ll find out when this thing arrives and I’m ready to mount it. dashcam a118c b40 for miata mx-5 mazda

I’m most concerned about the hard-wiring kit because I’ve never done anything like that before. I’m sure the splicing of wiring should be pretty straight forward I just hope I don’t burn the car down by doing it wrong. (touch wood)hard wire kit for a118 a118-c b40 dash cam

mazda mx-5 dash cam add-in-circuit

Anyway, it’s a cool accessory to have especially in this part of the world where people drive crazy… I often get the sense I’m about to be run off the road by a pick up truck with it’s driver on his/her cell phone. Hopefully with this thing I’ll have evidence if that ever happens. Or better yet, NOT!