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Mazda MX-5: Project BOSEctomy, replacing the BOSE Sound System on my Miata

I would like to have a touch screen head unit in my Miata. This means a potential BOSEctomy replacing the current BOSE sound system with something more interesting. My requirements are a double din 6+ inch touch screen with Navigation if it is feasible, but as price is a major factor I don’t see myself spending $700+ on a head unit.

mazda mx-5 nc bosectomy kit project new audio stereo bose replacement

So far, I’ve taken advantage of the Black Friday sales to purchase a Metra 99-7506 double din mounting kit which replaces the BOSE bezel giving the aftermarket stereo a factory look. I also got the ASWC-1 Steering Wheel Controls wiring harness necessary for the volume buttons and such to work with the new head unit. Thanks to a great deal from Jet.com I got both of these items shipped to me for $30 bux or so which is really reasonable considering the list price on the ASWC is $46 and the Metra bezel $26.

Now I must decide on a head unit and more importantly on what to do with the BOSE speakers which at this time make some buzzing sound whenever it is wet or cold outside. I’m sure there’s water getting on them causing this problem and I would really like to fix it as I’ve been driving around with the radio OFF lately to avoid doing more damage. Ideally I’d like to keep the BOSE speakers but maybe use some foam speaker baskets to protect them for the water.

I could certainly use a lot of help with this project. If anyone has done this kind of audio mod on their MX-5 in North Jersey I’d be happy to provide unlimited beer supply for any assistance in helping me install my new system.

Stay tuned for more as I make progress with this project. I’d like to have my touch screen installed by the summer time.

UPDATE: Merry Christmas to me!

Just went on a spending spree to complete this project:

  • Pioneer AVH-X2700BS touch screen double din head unit $128
  • The Stubby Antenna from Cravenspeed $20
  • Metra 70-7903 connectors (x2 to borrow pins from) $10
  • MicroBypass video parking brake bypass $10
  • XTC 8″ foam speaker baffles VXT82 $13

UPDATE December 26:  Pioneer AVH-2700BS head unit arrived!

mazda mx-5 miata pioneer avh-x2700bs head unit

mazda mx-5 miata pioneer avh-x2700bs head unit refurbished

mazda mx-5 miata pioneer stereo in metra dash bezel

UPDATE December 29: tiny HD backup camera arrived!

mazda mx-5 miata e335 color hd backup camera

mazda mx-5 miata e335 color tiny hd backup camera

UPDATE December 31: The Stubby antenna from Cravenspeed

mazda mx-5 miata the stubby antenna

mazda mx-5 miata the stubby antenna cravenspeed

8 inch XTC shallow Foam Baffles: $13

mazda mx-5 miata xtc 8 inch foam baffle

mazda mx-5 miata xtc 8 inch foam baffles