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Gas Card specials at your supermarket

UPDATE: Check out the recent BP Rewards promo with gas card purchased on eBay with a 10% discount: Optimizing Fuel.

Its not often that good deals come along, but when they do one must jump on them.

Today I went shopping at my local supermarket, spent $500 on gas cards and got $60 in store credit for future purchases. That’s 12% discount on fuel, or free money for something you’d spend on anyway. The deal was shared on FlyerTalk.com as many others are, and for once it was available in my area. Though it took me some arguing with the sales clerk as the policy in many supermakets is against credit cards use for gift card purchases, they’d much rather take your cold hard cash and trade it for a piece of plastic you will either likely gift to someone who isn’t going to use it, or use it at one specific place only whereas your cash can be used anywhere. But regardless, a deal is a deal and this one is worth its own thread on here.

gift cards

This is what $500 worth of Gas Cards looks like. This deal was particularly sweet for me because 500 dollars easily translates into 500 frequent flyer miles for the credit cards I used to buy these… which means more miles for future award redemptions with American or United to fly to Singapore or Australia.

Sadly, with the way fuel prices are now, it would take at least a combination of two or even three of these to fill up my Ford Explorer or Jeep Grand Cherokee… at least its 12% cheaper now.