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Obrigado Brasil!

To celebrate the 300th post on the Grand Prix Road Trip blog, I would like to thank a significant group of visitors and readers to this site from a country that I have never visited before: Brazil. However, the will to be not just a tourist to this amazing South American country but to also volunteer alongside the great Brazilians colleagues I’ve already worked with in the US and Europe is great. It will be a dream come true and one that I hope happens soon.

Brazilian Motorsport enthusiasts have also been one of the most frequent visitors to my Motorsport Tourism pages which gives me hope there are potential customers out there willing to use my expertise and experience to help them plan their automotive adventures to countries I am familiar with, where I have already volunteered. Brazilian tourists are easily spotted just about anywhere in the world I’ve been, not just by the bright colors of the national flag, but also with their hardcore dedication to their national hero Ayrton Senna. I am tremendously impressed with this phenomenon and am seriously looking forward to experiencing this in person the first time I visit Interlagos, or any one of the many other Brazilian circuits.

So… Obrigado! Thank you! to all my Brazilian friends out there and know that your country is high on my “Wishlist” of places to visit and volunteer as a Motorsport Marshal and enthusiast 🙂

PS. I have to mention a friend of a friend I had the pleasure of meeting in New Zealand when I lived there briefly who had a whole shrine dedicated to Ayrton Senna in his apartment. Helmets, replica mementos, die cast cars, posters… etc. from Ayrton’s career. Many of which acquired during races he attended personally around the world, gave me chills when listening to the admiration this man had to the famous driver. Motorsport needs more fans like this!

The other reason I’d go to Brazil is to fly Azul, an airline launched by the founder of one of my favorite airlines in the US: JetBlue

Avião-AzulPhoto credit: Ayrton Senna Sempre web site:  www.ayrtonsenna.com.br/en/ayrton-senna-sempre/