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British F1 Grand Prix debrief

Its not easy to volunteer major international events like the Formula One World Championship. Like many others, in order to be selected for the British GP I had to fill out forms, provide letters of recommendation, wait for a decision, etc. And when the time came to get dressed and perform at the top of my game, I fell flat on my face!

So when does a good intending marshal with an injury become a liability? I feel my presence at the British GP came close if not crossed that line. Was I useful? Not at all. Despite my best intentions, I feel I was getting in the way of other marshals doing their job, and that sort of distraction shouldn’t happen when dangerous tasks are performed at a racing circuit (especially at professional events, when there are cameras everywhere).

Am I thankful for the powers that be to allow me to remain there? Of course I am. I had come a long way to marshal in the UK, and to be asked to leave would have been devastating. But standing there cringing with excruciating pain, wasn’t a much better alternative. This experience reminds me to remember to carry a first aid kit, the one item I had left out from my luggage this time. Of course being more careful is the plan for all future racing, including ALMS and World Challenge at Lime Rock this weekend.

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Injured at the British F1 Grand Prix

Guess it was bound to happen, sadly my injury came early Friday morning, before the start of BGP. I twisted my foot and the weekend was ruined. Went to the Medical Centre twice, as the pain became excruciating. But I made the best of it. Luckily the IO allowed me to flag instead of working incident response as I was required to, it was interesting.

Definitely have some unfinished business in the UK.

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British F1 Grand Prix nomination

With all the bitching and moaning about how terribly the marshals are treated by the organizers at the British Grand Prix on the ten-tenths forum, I put my name forward to be considered. In the application process I ticked off both flag and track disciplines, and put forward both my SCCA membership and that I am part of the Singapore GP team. In fact Singapore GP is the one that provided the recommendation letter as is often accustomed to be considered for such an event.

So what happened?

British GP organizers, the MSA (Motor Sports Association United Kingdom) released the names of the nominations in PDF format on their web site:  http://www.msaevents.co.uk/bgpmarshals.php where I appear to be the only SCCA member to be listed as a nominee. Cool! Furthermore, it seems I’ve been assigned the incident/course role nomination which is the second of the two options that I ticked, since they’re often short on flag marshals I was hoping for that role; but it wasn’t meant to be.

According to the latest bitching and moaning on the forum there appears to be an abundance of track marshals and still a shortage of flag personnel. So it will be interesting to see if I get selected or not after all. Maybe powers that be dismiss my application altogether after reading this rant, though I was truly hoping to be a flag marshal at BGP especially if I could make a trip to Europe to do Le Mans and F1 back to back.

The decision will be made in late January.