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Registration open for 2014 Canadian Grand Prix

Registration call for marshals wishing to volunteer the 2014 Canadian Grand Prix taking place this June at the beautiful Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal, Quebec is now open and you are encouraged to sign up! Canadian GP is a fantastic event, one of my favorites in fact… with great action on track, beautiful host city to explore, and amazing food to taste… like the local delicacy: “poutine”!

The application process is handled via e-mail and I’m happy to recommend anyone interested. Just send me a facebook message and I’ll refer you to the right person.

Be advised however that the event is taking a serious stance against photo taking when cars are on track, for which I have personally gotten in trouble for at past events. So please take the warnings seriously.

Circuit Gilles Villeneuve web site: http://www.circuitgillesvilleneuve.ca/

Bonjour Montréal! Postcard from the Canadian GP

After another secondary secutrity check and search of my car, I’m back in Quebéc for the Canadian F1 Grand Prix. This event I am working the light panel. The station line up include: turn 4 Friday, turn 9B on Saturday, and turn 14 on Sunday. Yes! The Wall of Champions turn 14.

It will be an exciting weekend, though it rained today and may again rain tomorrow.
Not happy that I did not get to do the pit walk as promissed and the fact I tore my rain pants that split down the middle as I tried to climb the wall to get to station, ugh!

Got to check out the media center which was cool.

canadian gp 2

canadian gp

canadian gp 3

canadian gp 5

canadian gp 6

canadian gp 4

bonjour quebec

Accepted to the Canadian F1 Grand Prix

Great news again, I’ve been accepted to marshal the 2013 Grand Prix du Canada, at the beautiful Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on Ile Notre-Dame in Montréal, Quebec. Next step is to pay the $30 CAD fee to volunteer and start making travel arrangements.

The beauty of the Canadian GP is that as marshals we get to work several different posts and positions over the race weekend. I was lucky last year to work turn 8, turn 14 – the infamous “Wall of Champions” and turn 4a over the three days there, and besides flagging, working safety and comms, got to see action from a number of different angles. The Thursday night party organized by a few American marshals at Hurley’s Bar was pretty cool too, especially since Will Buxton was the guest of honor hanging out with the marshals.

Looking forward to a busy June schedule 🙂