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Day 2: Miatas at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca – The Ride Along

This year’s event was considerably smaller than last year’s… but the quality in my opinion was outstanding. It was cozier. I think people got their money’s worth for those that paid for track time. I got to work the merchandise area again like last year… showing up bright and early around 7:30am but the highlight of my day was around noon when I helped with aligning the cars for a big group parade lap around the famous Laguna Seca circuit. And best of all I caught a ride around the track with my buddy Daniel from Atlanta, Georgia

Cobra eh?

My office for the weekend… sold a ton of poster sets, most of the previous year’s t-shirts and we absolutely ran out of all of the current year t-shirts. Great sales day I would say!

I think my favorite car of the weekend…

The Playboy MX-5 Cup cars were literally the reason why I started my interest in Miata’s… and after one crashed into my station at Road Atlanta during Petit Le Mans I knew I wanted to buy one.

Checking out the vendor’s wears on display in the paddock

A Miata celebrity autograph session…

My buddy Daniel’s car sprung a leak after the first session on track, pissing coolant all over the place… I’m amazed he was able to drive it 2,500 miles back to Georgia after racing on track. Craziness!!!

Daniel is running meaty 245 size tires all around… wow! And I thought going to 215 was going wide, lol

Moving off the paddock to the staging area… first customer was from Las Vegas, Nevada

And while I waited for cars to show up to populate our “pre-grid” there was a parking lot of AMG Track Experience cars for me to oogle at… they were parked 11 across and 10 deep… over 100 cars!

That’s a lot of Miata’s… about 350 to be exact

My chariot for the parade laps… a 2008 MX-5 track car I first met in Duluth, Georgia on my trip to Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama and VIR in Virginia.

Here we goooo…

We were supposed to do maybe 2 or 3 laps, but that was turned into a full 30 minute session with many more laps than just a few.

The Corkscrew!

Thanks Daniel!

The famous starter stand…

One of my favorite flag points at Laguna Seca, Flag Point #8

Love the way Daniel has his car set up. Great noise from the exhaust. Comfortable racing seats and a good roll cage which I hope he’ll never have to use at his track days.

Love seeing a Miata with diplomatic plates… I’m guessing a child of a Consul to the USA?

Doing some quick shopping at the Laguna Seca Souvenir shop

Wonder why no Fiata’s showed up for this event…

And the day ended with a delicious dinner with a bunch of Miata owners… HUGE thanks to Rick Weldon for letting me be part of this event… I am forever grateful!

San Francisco Region Needs Marshals for IMSA at Laguna Seca

I just received an invite from the flag chiefs at the San Francisco Region of the SCCA to volunteer for IMSA Tudor United SportsCar Championship at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca on May 1-3, 2015

I wish I could go, believe me… but hopefully sharing this information here would encourage others to sign up.

Laguna Seca is an amazing facility, and as a visiting marshal a few years ago they allowed me to work their most famous corner: the Corkscrew… twice! I worked both the American Le Mans Series round at Laguna Seca and Grand-Am round a few months later. It was an absolute blast and I am forever grateful to the good folks at San Fran region for their warm hospitality.

As a visiting marshal you may be slightly surprised at the way things are done with SFR. For example some of the traditional hand signals are quite different in California. As far as marshal roles go, you’ll find teams of flaggers and teams of communicators that are separate and are organized by separate chiefs, but work together over the weekend. You may rotate through all the flagging roles but will not be expected to handle the radio during that rotation. In some cases you may be the only person on station working the radio and flags at the same time. I loved that bit when I worked at the bottom of the Corkscrew for my last event there.

laguna seca 1

laguna seca alms

grand am laguna seca

If you are going to take my advice and go to California for this wonderful event… than make a trip out of it! What I mean by that, factor in some sightseeing time like I did. Go check out Big Sur on your leisurely drive along the PCH – Pacific Coast Highway. Experience the local cuisine. Stay in Monterey! Visit Salinas for some authentic Mexican cuisine. Enjoy San Francisco if that’s the way you fly in, or Oakland or San Jose. You won’t be disappointed. I guarantee it.

Most importantly enjoy yourself at the track. You’ll be amazed at the views you get just driving around the perimeter of the circuit. The incredible elevation changes. I mean it’s the whole package. Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in my view is one of the top circuits in America. Volunteering an IMSA event there is probably one of the most exciting volunteering opportunities there are, in the whole of North America. Truly!

The sign up link is here:

Continental Tire Monterey Grand Prix

More info about the event:  www.mazdaraceway.com/continental-tire-monterey-grand-prix

SF Region web site: sites.google.com/site/sfrcorners/