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Mazda MX-5: Miata Shopping in Canada: Montréal, Québec

I failed once again to meet any local Miata owners in Québec on my visit to Canada for the Formula E events on the streets of Montréal. Can’t say I was surprised. After all I had failed to meet any Miata owners on my previous trips to Mosport, Ontario as well. Just like on the last trip to Bowmanville I also failed to see a Canadian-spec Miata at the local dealership in Montreal as well.

However, I was very much impressed with the Amount of Mazda dealers in the greater Montreal metropolitan area and there surely are plenty of Mazda’s on the streets of the city… they just aren’t the little Roadsters. So here are some pix from my experience.

The closest dealer with easy public transport system access was Mazda Gabriel St-Jacques… I took the Metro, walked over to where it should have been, didn’t see it and walked around the block lost between a highway and a hospital. But on the second pass I found it! Lots of construction on the streets of Montreal, the orange flowers (orange cones) are in full bloom this summer!

At first… no Miata’s to be seen on the lot!

Oh putain…

But that’s no different from the Mazda dealer I visited in Ontario. So I went in to have a chat with the staff and see if I can get a Canadian-spec Miata brochure at least… surprise! they didn’t have any. The receptionist managed to find a 2016 spec sheet, and sent me on my way. I also visited their parts department to inquire about the Canadian-spec window washer fluid bottle, which is a different design, and much bigger than the American-spec. They didn’t have any in stock… no surprise there. But they could order one for $137 bux… YIKES! However, a stripped down version without a motor (which could be transferred over from the original on the car) was only $66 CAD… phew!

The staff were super helpful it’s just a shame there wasn’t any Miata’s on the lot I could sit in and look around.

I remember reading a Miata.net post that complained: Do they want to sell cars or not? It appears if you want to buy a Miata in Canada it’s a long term process with possible multiple visits to the dealership, ordering and waiting for the car to arrive.

I was so focused on looking for a new ND on the lot that somehow I missed this colorful combination of used-Mazda’s a yellow RX-8 which is probably my favorite color for this rotary car and a red NB… How do you miss something so bright? Glad I spotted them on the way out of the dealership.

Initially I didn’t even see any Miata’s on the streets of Montreal… but then I was proven wrong Thursday night where I spotted half-a-dozen, mostly NB’s in all different colors roaming around downtown Montreal… I suspect they drove in from the suburbs to get a front row view of the fireworks that were scheduled to start after dark on that night. The next day I saw a beautiful NC3 PRHT in white with the top down that came up behind me and left too quick for me to snap a shot of it. Here’s a few Miata’s I did spot on the streets of Old Montreal:

Ironically there were far more Porsche’s on the streets of Montreal than Miata’s.

I even spotted a right-hand-drive Nissan Figaro… twice!

Anyway… while the Miata community of Quebec is very hard to spot, other Mazda’s are all over the place. Tons of CX-5’s and Mazda3’s roaming around. Even used for official city business:

The older Mazda’s make it seem obvious why people hide their precious Roadsters… the rust isn’t kind in this part of the world:

I suspect the salt use in the winter eats right through the metal.

Anyway, I had such a blast in Montreal for the Formula E event even though I completely failed to make any contact with the local Miata community… and I even researched several Quebec MX-5 Clubs and sent them facebook messages asking for help.

Maybe I’ll get more lucky in the future…

Shopping for another SUV, hopefully a Mazda

It wasn’t that long ago when every car in our household wore a blue oval badge… we were really into Fords! (and that included a Mercury Sable and a Lincoln Town Car too). I’ve had ten Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors myself. Dad drove a Ford Aerostar forever. My sister crashed a Ford Taurus which we replaced with a Ford Explorer, and then another. But with time our family diversified, first getting a Jeep into the mix and then a Chevrolet. But with my recent purchase of a Mazda Miata I’m leaning towards getting another Mazda.  An SUV to replace one of the aging ones we still have: Ford Explorer or Jeep Grand Cherokee.

This post will be the start of my research for the replacement.

At the last two Pennsylvania Commonwealth Auctions in Harrisburg I had my eye out on a Ford Escape Hybrid or it’s twin Mazda Tribute, but they were going for crazy high prices and we came home empty handed on both trips.

So the options are as follows:

mazda suv's tribute cx5 cx7 cx9

The Mazda Tribute is basically the smallest of the group but it’s also the boxiest one. The CX-5 is the newest smallest option, and is probably too new to be reasonably priced on a used car market. Realistically we’ll be looking at an early 2010’s model… and the CX-5 debuted last year I believe so it’s probably way too expensive for the budget.

So the choice really is between the Mazda CX-7 or the Mazda CX-9. They are roughly the same size with the 9 being a few inches longer and maybe slightly more spacious on the inside. But the CX-7 looks more rounded and sporty.

mazda tribute mazda cx-5 mazda cx-7 mazda cx-9

The search is on… I’ve noticed a lot of Manheim auctions out in Ohio and Virginia with one or two repo’ed CX7’s on the list. But they are very high mileage and who knows how well they were taken care of. The local craigslist has plenty of both CX-7 and CX-9 for sale in various price ranges. I need to do more research on which model is more dependable than the other. Or what signs to look out for not to buy a lemon.  Looking forward to test driving a few in the near future.

If anyone has any suggestions please leave them in the comments below. Thanks!