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Cars & Coffee at Jack Daniels Porsche in Upper Saddle River, NJ Nov 2017

A cozy pre-Thanksgiving event at Jack Danieles Porsche dealer in Upper Saddle River, NJ While it was in the 50’s the weather felt much cooler with strong winds so maybe that’s why the turnout was fairly low around 10am… but there were amazing cars there.

Check them out:

My favorite car on display this weekend… a Rally 911

A flying Camel

Tried parking in the street so as not to take spots away from pretty supercars and other such automobiles… by the time I finished taking my pictures I was the only one left parked like a doofus in the middle of the street, lol

Great to see these events happening well into cold weather!

Feature on 100×100 Racing Spanish (not just language, but actually based in Spain) Motorsport Portal

While I was away flagging Long Beach Grand Prix in California a Spanish language article popped up on the internet featuring my exploits around the world along with a translated version of the interview by my buddy Julio Castrejón who runs the Motorsport portal 100×100 Racing. Things got fairly busy and I almost forgot to share the news of this article on my blog, but here it is. I’m very much thrilled and excited to see the article! I am very fortunate to have Julio as a friend and a colleague, particularly one I look up to having worked with him for several 24h of Le Mans races. I’m humbled to get the recognition but at the same time very proud to support the idea of marshal interviews to encourage Motorsport enthusiasts around the world to take the next step and become Motorsport volunteers and try their hand at Motorsport marshaling!

Check out the article here:  http://www.100x100racing.com/archivos/1889


web site: http://www.100x100racing.com/

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/100x100Racing/

twitter: https://twitter.com/100x100Racing


IF the name Julio Castrejón sounds familiar, it should be, he’s contributed to this blog with a bunch of articles in both English and Spanish a few years ago. He was also a very devoted supporter of my MarshalCam.com #MarshalCam project with several videos that we shot together at Le Mans 24 hours in France (both in English and Spanish). Julio is also fluent in French (and probably a bunch of other languages). He’s been a very involved figure in European Motorsports with marshaling being just a small part of his duties. He’s quite an impressive person and I’m incredibly jealous of him, especially his latest job working the Dakar Rally in Latin America.

Go check out the article and be sure to follow 100×100 Racing on all of their social media pages.

Gracias Julio!