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4th Devil in the Dark at NJMP

Sometimes I wish I lived closer to a racetrack, or at least paid better attention of when things are happening. Friday night noticed a post about an endurance race happening at NJMP, early Saturday morning headed out there to volunteer for the race! Sweet!

Of course having arrived unregistered I had to pay at the gate, $15+NJ tax admission, which was reimbursed at the registration meeting. Weird how they make you pay for volunteering especially for such a lowly attended event, but boy was it great. I have become quite fond of any endurance races, and this 12 hour 44 car entry race was excellent even when half the field were Mazda Miata’s and the other half was older Bimmers.

Didn’t take many photos at this race, but below is one of my favorites:

devil in the dark

A little bit of weirdness for this race. Was initially stationed at turn 11, which I have worked before and is quite an interesting turn but you’re very much isolated from the world being on the inside of the track. But for some reason moved to turn 2 which was also action packed working with a very pleasant gentleman I’ve worked with before at Lime Rock, so I was quite happy. The other weird thing had to do with race cars… after blowing an engine first one car and then another entered the race from the paddock replacing the stricken car. I’ve never seen endurance races feature replacement cars before. All in all it was an excellent day and I’m looking forward to coming back next year: http://www.thedevilinthedark.com/