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Mazda MX-5: Driving School in South Carolina Using Miata’s… Wish I got my Driver’s License in one!

One recurring theme at the Cars & Coffee events I go to, lots of kids! I keep saying it’s a great time to be growing up in America these days, so much Automotive perfection to look at… for those of you in High School just about ready to get your license, and if you happen to live in South Carolina… you can book a driving school for your road test that offers Miata’s!

Richard Zimmer runs Dutch Fork Driving School in Irmo, SC with two beautiful NC PRHT’s he’s using to train his students… a 2010 Copper Red and a 2012 Stormy Blue MX-5 Grand Touring models.

His students must be pretty lucky!

Interested in taking your road test in one of his driver training vehicles, get in touch: facebook.com/DutchForkDrivingSchool/

dutch fork driving school, south carolina

dutch fork driving school

PS. if anyone else finds companies doing this please share a link… I’m also interested in companies rent out Mazda MX-5’s globally.