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Electric GT Championship New Series Racing Spec Racer Tesla Model S P85+

Pretty exciting news from Ibiza today! A brand new “zero emissions” series is to hit European circuits next year with a spec racer Tesla Model S P85+ as a platform vehicle with 10 teams and 20 drivers competing on a half dozen of major European circuits.

I think that’s cool!


The circuits in the promo video are world-class and frankly lucky to host something new and exciting like this… all the press releases I’ve read seem to piggyback this idea on the already somewhat successful Formula E “formula” which is great… maybe these e-GT racers can act as a support event for the ePrix events in the future.

I for one would be looking forward to that!


It would especially be interesting to see how the marshals approach the event from a safety perspective.

On the press page of the series there is some insight into how the Teslas are modified for racing, by altering the roof line:  http://www.electricgt.co/press/ I wonder what sort of protection there is from the batteries in case of a high speed crash or fire.

Here’s the promo video:


And here’s an interview with the series CEO Mark Gemmell: https://evannex.com/blogs/news/113207301-exclusive-interview-electric-gt-world-series-ceo-discusses-tesla-elon-musk-and-ev-racing-news-from-the-frunk-ep-59

Europe is probably ideal for the launch of this series seeing how they embrace the Tesla Model S in everyday use (just check out the taxi stand at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam, most taxis are Teslas) so I’m wishing them great success. And it’s definitely something I’d like to participate in as a marshal one day.