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Hot Wheels Race Cars Collection

Several years ago I started buying a ton of Hot Wheels diecast race cars to get my little nephews hooked on cars and racing. These days my young nephews have convinced me that I should have started my own Hot Wheels and Matchbox collection much sooner…

Don’t get me wrong I’ve been treating myself to a 1:18 model every now and again when I found a good deal online or in store, but those events have been rare. So far I only have a handful of SVT Cobra’s and SRT Viper’s to speak of. But Hot Wheels are cheap! And while they lack in detail of each tiny model, there’s a huge variety of choice out there. I’ve found myself lately rushing to the toy aisle of my local supermarket every time I go grocery shopping, to go thru the racks to see what’s new. If there’s a box display it takes me a good 20 minutes before I’m satisfied to leave that I’ve dug out everything there is to find in there. When I leave something I had in my hands without buying I feel instant regret.

That’s precisely what happened when I had Gulf Racing Porsche 917 Le Mans long tail from the 70’s and a modern Indy 500 open wheeler in the same livery. They were in my shopping cart for the whole store visit but before I got to the register I chucked them out because I have never seen Gulf livery on an IndyCar before… what a fool!?!

What’s even worse, there have been instances few years ago where I actually bought the cars. Gave them to my nephews who proceeded to bash them against each other, throw them around on the floor, and now keep them piled up in a large bucket because they have so many…. argh!

This happened to a red MIATA which I wish I kept in a box because I have not been successful finding another one for myself no matter how many Walmarts, Kmarts or Target stores I visit. But also other cool race cars like the pair of Castrol livery BMW 3.0 CSL’s below:

I even try to visit stores whenever I travel to see if other places get more variety. I did pick up several Mazda RX7’s on a trip to California last year, or Ford GT, Mercedes-AMG GT3, Cadillac ATS-V.R and Lambo Super Trofeo models on a recent trip to South Jersey while volunteering for MotoAmerica.

Seeing all these models glued to the wall makes me all nostalgic about working IMSA events where I blue flagged the exact Mercedes-AMG GT3’s and Ford GT’s. Or the Pirelli World Challenge where those Cadillac’s dominated everyone else.

Looking on the Hot Wheels web site I see a ton of models I’d like to add to my new wall collection. Including the white rotary Mad Mike MIATA which is the  closest representation of the livery he uses on his crazy drift car:

Or the yellow Lamborghini Super Trofeo, which looks awesome:

Or the Lamborghini Countach pace car which looks legit!

Or even little souped up Ford Fiesta from one of my new favorite sports that went belly up this year: Red Bull Global Rallycross:

Or many other new things that Hot Wheels hasn’t announced yet, or already stopped selling (is it me or is everything out of stock on their web site…. and I’m not paying eBay prices for any of these no matter how much I want them).

So if any one that knows me comes across a cool diecast, go ahead spend that $1 dollar on me, I’ll happily reimburse you.


PS. I’m very pleased with my growing ND MX5 collection, whenever I see them on a shelf I snatch them. I even beat another enthusiast that wanted the car while my eldest nephew an I went to our local Wal-Mart during the Hot Wheels 50th anniversary tour… and that never happens to me, for once lady luck was on my side.


Check out my Hot Wheels collection: click here

Post Card from the Dutch Miata Road Trip Visit to the MX-5 Sport Specialist

First stop on my three week MX-5 Miata / Motorsport Euro Trip was in the Netherlands at MX-5 Specialist shop near Zandvoort.

Will write more about the visit soon, but for now here’s some photos from the trip.

HUGE thanks to Vincent the local MX-5 owner who drove all the way up from The Hague to give me this awesome tour from Amsterdam down to the beach. Much appreciated Vincent!

dutch mx-5 road trip 1

dutch mx-5 road trip 2

dutch mx-5 road trip 3

dutch mx-5 road trip 4

dutch mx-5 road trip 5

dutch mx-5 road trip 6

dutch mx-5 road trip 7

dutch mx-5 road trip 8

dutch mx-5 road trip 9

dutch mx-5 road trip 10

dutch mx-5 road trip 11

dutch mx-5 road trip 12

dutch mx-5 road trip 13

dutch mx-5 road trip 14

dutch mx-5 road trip 15

dutch mx-5 road trip 16

dutch mx-5 road trip 17

dutch mx-5 road trip 18

dutch mx-5 road trip 19

dutch mx-5 road trip 20

dutch mx-5 road trip 21

dutch mx-5 road trip 22

dutch mx-5 road trip 23

dutch mx-5 road trip 27

dutch mx-5 road trip 28

dutch mx-5 road trip 29

dutch mx-5 road trip 30

dutch mx-5 road trip 31

dutch mx-5 road trip 32

dutch mx-5 road trip 33

dutch mx-5 road trip 34

dutch mx-5 road trip 35

dutch mx-5 road trip 36

dutch mx-5 road trip 37

dutch mx-5 road trip 38

Inerestingly enough this is a one man operation, which is very impressive! Also interesting is the little fact that I’m shopping around for new suspension for my car, and on this visit both Bilsteins and Eibach’s were highly recommended.