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“Love the Beast” Eric Bana

Oh man I’m on an Aussie roll here… but I just learned that Eric Bana’s “Love the Beast” is available on Amazon on demand FREE of charge!

I’ve been wanting to watch this movie since I first moved to Australia in 2009, but never had the chance to do it. (even though I managed to get myself invited to the screening of “Up in the Air” starring George Clooney thanks to FlyerTalk and the Melbourne Hilton, we even got free Hilton slippers in our goodie bag 🙂 ) Funny how every time someone reminds me of this movie I feel like I have to watch it for the first time, whereas the reality is I have indeed watched it on more than one occasion now… shame it took me about half way through the film watching it now to realize this minor detail. Ooops!

Great movie by the way, “Love the Beast” especially popular with the Bleed-Ford-Blue Falcon enthusiasts down under, ironically… the whole reason for my trip there was the “All Ford Day” at Geelong, Victoria followed by FPV Day that gave me a proper introduction to Ford Australia. (and all the hooning it entailed 😉 )

Read about the movie on IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1284028/

Watch it now on Amazon on Demand: http://www.amazon.com

PS. Watching this movie brings to mind Patrick Dempsey. Another Hollywood celebrity I’ve gotten to watch race live quite a few times now, even pushed his car to scrutineering at the conclusion of the Northeast Grand Prix at Lime Rock. Way to go boys!