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Mazda MX-5: Do Fuel System Cleaners Work? Trying Techron Complete Fuel System Cleaner

Does Techron Complete Fuel System Cleaner work?

Some say No! Others say they add a bottle once a year just to run the solution through the fuel injectors admitting that most brand name, Top Tier gas stations already carry detergents similar to what’s in Techron… for those on the West Coast or down South where Chevron stations are abundant, Techron already comes in their fuel. In the Northeast we are limited to BP, Shell, Exxon and Mobil as well as Sunoco among many other smaller brands like Valero, Gulf, Citgo and many no-name options… almost all advertise some sort of magic additive that cleans your engine as you use their fuel. But who know’s if it’s worth believing the marketing?

I came across a crazy AutoZone Techron deal that I couldn’t pass up. So I picked up a bunch of bottles to be used in all the family vehicles including a bottle for my Miata. It is recommended to be mixed with up to 12 gallons of fuel, which is the magic number of an MX-5 tank. One night I drove until the low fuel light came on, pulled into my local BP and added a bottle of Techron. Driving on this tank for the next few weeks didn’t yield any increase in performance, no significant mileage difference and most importantly no negative outcomes. I am due for an oil change soon and will report on the condition of oil… some people say that this additive turns the oil black and therefore it’s recommended to change the oil shortly after using the additive.






I am curious what effect if any this thing had on my car. I have also used two bottles of this stuff in my Ford Explorer which has double the size of Miata’s tank and that car felt more peppy after the fuel up. The SUV also has 145,000 miles so it might really need a clean.





The last bottle I will save for my father’s Dodge Grand Caravan, it’s still at least 3,000 miles away from an oil change so it’ll have to get it’s fuel treatment a little closer to the due date… I used Mobil 1 synthetic oil which I’m going to attempt to run for 5,000 miles total. Will report back if there are any interesting findings.

Of course this could all just be snake oil…