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I’m mere hours away from my first marshalling trip to Europe. Its after 3 o’clock, of course I can’t sleep. Probably shouldn’t have had that Red Bull energy drink a few hours ago, but at this point it doesn’t really matter. So I’m reading stuff on the Internets… F1 Fanatic blog to be precise, and I’m quite happy to find all the “how to become a marshal?” posts by Keith Collantine over the years. Why couldn’t I have searched for his web site back in 2005, I could have been doing this much longer, eh?! Why not 2010… Damn, I’m behind the times!

Check out these reader submitted articles:

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It is good to read other people’s experiences volunteering. At least to me it’s more interesting than reading the many recent articles by professionals describing how important our contribution is to the sport… These stories have the power to inspire enthusiasts to get involved, or similarly discourage those that are probably better off buying a spectator ticket.

So that brings me to the next random thought of the night. As is illustrated above over the years of F1 fanatic’s coverage, most vocal marshal recruiters are those with few years experience under their belt… if that. Some have only completed a race or two on a “major” pro-scale. Others started marshalling when they were still in their mother’s bellies. heh! It begs the question, how come the veterans don’t blog about their experiences? Is it dangerous to air your thoughts to the public in fear of getting excluded from future pro events? I hope not.

And to close the ramblings, I’m fascinated with what I’m about to do!

Organized automobile racing has it’s roots in France. Folks used to race from city to city for a big prize – “Grand Prix?” A piece of history I had a chance to experience first hand when I visited my family in Clermont-Ferrand, the home of Michelin. They were kind enough to take me to a museum in Vichy which was a pretty special experience. But back to the history lesson. One of the first Grand Prix motor racing events took place in the early 1900 in Le Mans. The first World Championship of post-war Formula One took place at Silverstone in the UK.

Mind blown!

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_Prix_motor_racing  &  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Formula_One

Perhaps the true reason I can’t sleep is the fact my TGV/Eurostar tickets still haven’t arrived and at this point it looks like they are well and truly lost. Wouldn’t be the first time my trip to Europe went completely sideways. Of course last time this happened, I ended up having the time of my life… showing up at a bus station and purchasing a ticket to any destination for the soonest departure – that trip took me to amazing Valencia for the first time. From there I flew to France… unplanned! Came back, went to Morocco for a few days, and then when there was no more shuttle buses left, I hired this little jem… a Smart fortwo with 8km on the clock, glass sunroof, and an adventure around Costa Blanca from Alicante to Benidorm and around Murcia, Spain. Whatever awaits in Le Mans and London will be another adventure!

If you happen to find other marshal written articles, please share in the comments below! I love to read them and share with other potential candidates to recruit into this hobby 😉