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CAMS License for AGP

Got an e-mail from CAMS (Confederation of Australian Motor Sport) this morning with an application for one of their licenses. In order to work an Australian GP every marshal needs to be CAMS accredited. Even visiting officials fill out a form, and on Thursday test day the post chief signs off on your application to promote you from a “trainee” to a proper  marshal for the remainder of the Formula 1 weekend. First day allows them to see what you’re worth. For returning officials, you can apply for a CAMS license so you don’t need to repeat the “trainee” routine. A CAMS license is good for a period of four years of marshalling in Australia. 

This will be quite useful for both the AGP and the 12 hours of Bathurst I plan to do in February before the Formula 1 race in Melbourne.

I was looking through some old facebook photos and came across an album from one of the many visits to Bathurst I did while living in Australia… unfortunately this was before I knew marshalling was even possible. So instead we cruised there with the local Ford FPV club and did some spirited driving around the track (which is actually on public roads) cutting through some wineries and farmland at Mount Panorama.