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Français MX-5: Les USA à Paris, Auto Passion Café Mardi 02 Aout 2016

Last minute update [August 1st] the folks from AutoPassion cafe are on vacation for a month. So instead our meeting/dinner will be at:

L’Auvergne à Paris
102 Rue Blomet
75015 Paris

“Où un miatiste newyorkais nous indique passer sur Paris début aout et vouloir rencontrer des miatisters parisiens, je vous propose de nous retrouver à l’autopassion café porte d’Orléans!


Je vous propose de nous y retrouver mardi 2 aout à 20 heures !”

Miketorcy x1


“je note, ce café est vraiment sympa, et la nourriture très bonne. je pense que c’est la meilleure adresse sur Paris pour les passionnés de sportives.”

Dear MX-5 Miata Friends,

If you find yourself in Paris on Tuesday, August 2nd please come and join myself and a few MX-5 Club France owners at Auto Passion Café in the 14th Arrondissement near Porte d’Orléans Metro stop. I’m hopeful that the French MX-5 owners actually bring their cars but I’m excited for their enthusiasm about this idea of meeting a fellow Miata owner from the other side of the Atlantic.

While my other plans to organize a similar event around Amsterdam, Brussels and Nurburg haven’t gained much traction, the Parisians seem excited, and I’m really happy to see that!

I can’t wait to go there and share some delicious food in the ambiance of a Motorsport cafe… It ought to be a blast!

MX-5 Club France is an active forum in France and french speaking world (including Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland) MX-5 owners that maintain a very flashy web site complete with regularly scheduled events around the country and throughout Europe.

mx5 france club summer meeting august 2 at auto passion paris

I sent them an e-mail to encourage the club officers to help organize a little get together and they invited me to join the forums (something that I would normally get in trouble for by promoting myself, my event or my web site). But the response has been surprising, and very promising!

mx-5 france club summer meeting august 2 at auto passion paris

I hope the event does materialize and also encourages other Europeans in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany to join me as well… it would be so awesome!

auto passion cafe paris porte d'orleans mazda mx-5 miata meet august 2

Auto Passion Cafe is a Motorsport themed restaurant near the center of Paris that caters to motor heads… which we clearly are. I’m so excited about the opportunity to check it out and share a meal with some French / Parisian MX-5 owners this August.

Please consider coming out and joining us!

MX-5 France forum: www.mx5france.com/

Auto Passion Cafe web site: www.autopassioncafe.fr/

197 Boulevard Brune, 75014 Paris, France

+33 1 45 43 20 20

Stay tuned for updates!

(Header photo credit: club.autoplus.fr Merci!)

Mazda MX-5: Euro Trip Invitation to hang out with Miata Owners in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France

Hey European MX-5 Miata owners, let’s meet up for a cup of coffee!

I don’t even drink coffee, but I’m happy to buy a cup for any local MX-5 Miata owners that come out and meet me on my next trip to Europe where I’ll be marshaling DTM at Zandvoort, WEC 6 hour at the N-ring and Spa 24 hour in Belgium.

mx5 miata road trip european union dutch german belgian french euro trip

I will be visiting Amsterdam on my way to Zandvoort and it would be amazing if some Dutch MX-5 owners came out to say hello. I know there’s a ton of them out there, and I’ll be posting this invite on the MX5-Club.NL facebook group. It might actually be pretty reasonable to organize a small event near Amsterdam as it is convenient for folks to come out to town and for me to use public transport to meet them.

The next step in Germany may be a little more difficult. I failed miserably to meet up with MX-5 owners on my last two trips to Nurburgring even though I saw a ton of Miatas driving around. But I won’t stop trying to organize something. So if anyone lives near Adenau or plans to visit WEC 6h race on the Grand Prix circuit, let me upgrade the cup of coffee to a stein of beer to entice you! I will post this invite on MX-5 miata eunos Roadster community page.

I’ve also failed to organize something on my last few trips to Brussels when marshaling in Belgium, but I know there is an MX-5 community there and I want to meet up with them! So whomever is available in Brussels, Liege or even Spa please get in touch. If coffee isn’t your think I’ll be happy to spring for Kriek or another beer variety. I will be posting this invite on the Ma Miata MX5 Belgium Liège facebook community page and Miata MX-5 Roadster Club Automobiles and Parts  page.

european mx5 miata road trip netherlands germany belgium france euro trip

And finally I’ll be flying home via Paris, France which would be great opportunity to meet up with another MX-5 community in Europe. Of course I don’t speak the language for any one of the places I’m visiting, no dutch, flemish, french or german, but that hasn’t stopped me from organizing these things before in Asia or the Pacific. I will be posting this invite on the Club MX5 France page.

I am really excited about this opportunity and am hoping people will respond to my invites.

My schedule in Europe is as follows: (UPDATED July 8, 2016)

f-netherlands July 13 & 14: staying in Amsterdam

f-netherlands July 15 to 17: marshaling at Zandvoort for DTM

f-netherlands July 18 to 19:staying in Amsterdam

f-germany July 20 to 21: staying in Cologne

f-germany July 21 to 24: marshaling at Nurburgring for WEC

f-belgium July 25 to 27: staying in Brussels

f-belgium July 27 to 31: marshaling at Spa-Francorchamps for Spa 24h

f-belgium August 1: staying in Brussels

f-france August 2: staying in Paris, meet-up at Auto Passion Cafe

So, are you available to hang out on any of these days? Please get in touch! My goal is to meet up and take some MX-5/Miata pictures for this blog. I’ve done similar meet-ups in Asia and the Pacific so feel free to look around this web site for an idea of why I want to meet.

I hope people do in fact come out! Please get in touch via facebook.

mazda european mx-5 cup of coffee invitation amsterdam brussels liege nurburg paris

PS. I’ll be traveling on a super tight budget using public transport and CouchSurfing along the way… which means I won’t be terribly mobile, but if there are MX-5 owners out of major cities which are easy to get to, I’ll be sure to research ways of getting there for this.

Please use #GlobalMX5CupOfCoffee & #EuropeanMX5CupOfCoffee hashtags to promote these meet ups on social media! Feel free to share this invite with everyone! Some more links to local MX-5 clubs: