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SuperSpeeders Podcast Video on YouTube Chat about Marshaling

Rob Ferretti has just uploaded a video from the SuperSpeeders podcast I joined him for a month ago. Check it out:

In the podcast Rob talked about some gripes he has with the artificially low speed limit on a local highway that plays right into the hands of the recent findings how Police departments around the US are unfairly targeting citizens for economic gains. He talked about his visit to Hennessey shop in Texas and of course had a lengthy chat with me about marshaling. (International Travel on the Cheap, and Foodie experiences)

I asked Rob for some advice about creating a podcast, something I would really like to do myself on the marshaling topic, and he invited me to join him, which was quite nice. I learned that doing a podcast is surprisingly painless and with a few volunteers I should be able to put something together soon.

I think having a Marshal Podcast would be a great tool to keep the idea of volunteering in Motorsport prevalent in social media, and perhaps act as a recruiting tool for Motorsport fans that weren’t aware that volunteering as a marshal was possible. It would also be a great tool to keep fellow marshals interested in topics that marshals around the world feel are important. An open discussion would cover all sorts of issues and topics that may be of interest to a variety of people.

I’m hoping to get something posted soon. If anyone reading this is interested in participating please get in touch!

I’m also hoping to record an episode on the road at the next event I volunteer, so volunteers are needed for that.

(Marshal) Podcast with Rob from SuperSpeeders (SuperSpeederRob)

I would like to do a Marshal Podcast.

I’ve expressed my interest before and I would really like to put the wheels in motion to do it for a few reasons. First, no one else is doing it and I think the marshaling community would benefit from having a podcast about the topic of volunteering in Motorsport. And second, I think it would help with recruiting Automotive and Motorsport enthusiasts to actually volunteer (as marshals), wherever they live.

I asked my buddy Rob from SuperSpeeders YouTube channel fame for some advice about starting a podcast and he invited me to check out how he does it with his SuperSpeeders podcast. Great!

To my surprise when I arrived at Rob’s day job at Gotham Dream Cars in Englewood, New Jersey, Rob invited me to jump onto the podcast and put my 2 cents into the topics he was discussion on his most recent episode, which is available for download on ShoutEngine.com:


So what have I learned from Rob?

It’s not terribly difficult to do a podcast. It helps having good equipment to record the sessions in a quiet environment without much background noise. But to get the ball rolling we can easily get started with a free tool like Google hangouts.

The topics to cover are infinite. The time will fly without a doubt. And the more people that participate the more interesting the discussion would be.

Of course in our case, the idea is to bring a couple of people from the marshaling world and have them call in on Google chat from Australia, Brazil, Spain, Belgium, etc. And Rob advised me that issues may arise with buffering based on individual people’s internet connection, etc. So there is potential for bugs.

But the key is to go ahead and start doing it.

Listening back to the podcast Rob recorded I noticed that it takes some practice to answer questions more directly. Finding a way to compress the answer from multiple paragraphs into shorter and more meaningful sentences. I certainly didn’t do that when talking about my marshaling experience veering off into a million different tangents while trying to cover a few topics at once.

I’m looking forward to hearing other people’s feedback on what they thought about this podcast to see what we could use and what we could scrap from the #MarshalPodcast idea.

PS. on the way home I took the Palisades Interstate Parkway and while cruising along at 60mph other traffic was blowing past me like I was standing still… Rob isn’t the only one bitching about the artificially low speed limit. Quick Google search resulted in this Change.org petition from a few years ago that tried to deal with this issue: https://www.change.org/p/palisades-interstate-parkway-police-disband-palisades-interstate-park-police Hopefully there will be some changes in Policing in America in the near future to stop law enforcement departments from shaking down random citizens.

Mazda MX-5: visiting Gotham Dream Cars

If my car had feelings it would probably want to be social, and social cars go out and meet other cars…. Yes! This is a pointless post where all I’m going to do is post some pictures of the damn Miata… but also give a little preview of a project I’m working on that my buddy Rob Ferretti was kind enough to give a hand with.

This is the second time this week that I’ve brought out the Miata in a car show/car cruise type setting. The Cheesequake to Sandy Hook cruise was fantastic, and so was my visit to Gotham Dream Cars in Englewood, NJ.

I would love to do a Marshal Podcast as I’ve mentioned previously on this blog, and instead of trying to figure out everything from scratch myself I asked Rob Ferretti for some advice. Rob has been doing YouTube videos for years now with his Super Speeders channel. So it was nice to see what he’s doing and how he’s doing it.

But checking out the cars was a nice thing also, and even with an inch of dust on my car that has accumulated since the last time I washed it just before the Jersey Shore cruise on Sunday, the cherry red comes through nicely under the artificial light of the warehouse.


gotham dream cars 1

gotham dream cars 2

gotham dream cars 3

gotham dream cars 5

gotham dream cars 4

As you can see Rob’s collection is quite extensive, from his personal cars like the Acura NSX, BMW M3, Lambo Murcielago, Porsche GT3 and a very turbocharged Toyota Supra to the rental cars like the Ferrari 458, the new Lambo Huracan, a bunch of Bentley Continental GT’s, a Maserati Gran Turismo, and others.

For those of you marshaling…. all the cars you’d already see on the race track just in a civilian form… with all the interior bits typically surrounded in leather instead of carbon fiber 😉

Stay tuned for the podcast.