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SpeedSource ex-Factory Mazda Race Team Christmas Liquidation Auction, More Photos

RaceCarsDirect.com has a listing for the upcoming December 19th auction with some spiffy new pictures of all the SpeedSource Mazda Prototypes and GT cars being liquidated by Key Auctioneers.

I do hope they go to a good home!

Photo credit: RaceCarsDirect.com
Photo credit: RaceCarsDirect.com

Photo credit: RaceCarsDirect.com
Photo credit: RaceCarsDirect.com
Photo credit: RaceCarsDirect.com
Photo credit: RaceCarsDirect.com

link to auction:  racecarsdirect.com/Advert/Details/87218/speedsource-racing-auction—december-19th-20

The news of this team going kaput is terrible… not shocking, but just sad really. I used to follow SpeedSource from when I started marshaling in the US. Back in 2013 they raced the Mazda RX-7 firebreathers in GrandAm, the cars that now made their way to Australia (ironic as I’m sure there is similar local talent, including Mad Mike in New Zealand, home of the four rotor Mazda’s).

I used choose races to go to specifically to root for the Mazda diesel-powered GX cars that were just introduced… they kind of sucked but ended up on the podium because frankly no-one else raced in GX class. There were a few Cayman’s if I remember correctly, and the only car that was worse than them was the Lotus Evora.

When they shoved the diesel engine into their Lola’s the results were similar. It was a bit pathetic to watch LMP2 prototypes race so slowly. Things improved with the petrol AER engine, but the cars were so fragile even if they were fast… you look at them sideways and they would break down. Yet I was cheering for them!

I’m sure the Lola’s could have any engine the new buyer chooses for them to be competitive again on the club or even historics racing level… The Mazda6 GT cars don’t need to be propelled by a diesel either. But it’s a cool piece of history on sale here that I hope I’ll see again at a track in the future… or even in a museum somewhere.

Merry Christmas folks… buy yourself a perfect present: Race Car!



PS. I will have to do a follow up write-up on all the Skip Barber liquidated Miata race cars one day. I know there’s one “small” team in Cummings, Georgia area that is restoring 15 of them to their racing glory… maybe I’ll get to visit them in the future to take some photos… maybe I’ll see them at VIR or Road Atlanta in action. One man’s loss is another man’s gain, or however that saying goes. And these liquidation auctions are precisely that.

Wanna buy a Race Car? SpeedSource Goes Belly Up Grand Am & IMSA Mazda’s and Equipment Auction

Another famous race team has gone belly up… and now’s your lucky chance to buy a race car at auction “probably” for less money than it would cost to get one built! The online auction will run December 19 by Key Auctioneers: click here. Get yourself a gift for the holidays… Merry Christmas!

Thanks to Marshall Pruett from Racer.com for sharing the news on facebook. It sucks for SpeedSource to close it’s doors, especially for the team of people that make that place run. But having seen a few of their employees at the HSR event in Daytona last month, I think many of them will do just fine. It wasn’t that long ago that SpeedSource was hiring people… imagine some desperate schmuck like me spending all the money he’s got left to move to Florida for a job that went “poof!” in just a few months. That would of been nuts.

But it’s a good time to be rich in America. And some of the bargains available at this auction will surely end up at the race track near you. I am surprised that Mazda North American Operations hasn’t snagged the two P2 race cars… or the tube frame diesel Mazda6’s… but maybe the auctioneers have a higher reserve than they’re willing to part with. Still I think this is great opportunity for someone:

Photo credit: Key Auctioneers
Photo credit: Key Auctioneers
Photo credit: Key Auctioneers
Photo credit: Key Auctioneers
Photo credit: Key Auctioneers
Photo credit: Key Auctioneers

I can’t believe they kept the crew guy’s shoes and are now selling them in used condition… who’d buy this?

Photo credit: Key Auctioneers

And the auction list:  http://www.keyauctioneers.com/2017/12/19/171219speedsource/

On-Site Auction and Online Bidding – Rings 1 & 2: Tuesday, December 19 at 10:00am
Online Only Bidding – Ring 3 (soft close): 
Tuesday, December 19 at 12:00pm
Monday, December 18 from 10:00am – 2:00pm
Wednesday, December 20 & Thursday, December 21 from 8:00am – 4:00pm
               *Note: No Removal Will Occur the Day of the Auction
Auction Address: 4150 NW 120th Avenue, Coral Springs, Florida 33065

Join us on December 19th as we offer surplus rolling stock, equipment and parts from SpeedSource. This is the end of the year event you won’t want to miss! 

Race Cars
2013 Mazda6 GX, Speedsource/Riley Chassis No. 012, Red & Black Color Scheme (Engine included)
2013 Mazda6 GX, Speedsource/Riley Chassis No. 004, Yellow & Orange Color Scheme (No Engine)
Mazda6 GX, Speedsource/Riley Chassis, Matte Black Color (No Engine)
Lola Cars Chassis No. MM07 (No Engine), has run in the IMSA
Lola Cars Chassis No. HU06 (No Engine), has LM24 history as Ex Status GP car and IMSA

Rolling Stock
2010 Ez-Go Golf Cart, Gas, Roof, Upgraded Wheels & Tires, Rain Cover, Rear Seats fold out flat
Taylor-Dunn Flatbed Utility Cart, Fold-up Seat, Upgraded Wheel & Tires, LED headlights
2002 JLG Scissor Lift w/ Extendable Platform
Clarke Focus II Floor Cleaner w/ built-in smart battery charger

Garage & Pit Equipment
(2) Caseliner Fiberglass LED Powerhoods, w/ Flight Case, Mounting Pole & Power Cables
Caseliner LED Sign/Timing Board w/ Flight Case, Tripod, Cables & Cover
Display Truss System w/ enough equipment for 2 cars
Stainless Steel Bodywork Carts
Caseliner Foam Boards with Flight Cases and Aluminum Poles
(2) Breda Racing Air Jacks, Model: 500/600, Mfg Year: 2017
(4) Arnold Machining Air Jacks, 100 psi
(2) CAMOZI Air Jacks
Robinair Refrigerant Recovery, Recycling & Recharging Station, Model: 34988, Mfg. Date: 08/16
Airflow Systems Exhaust Extractors, Model: VES3 Portable
The Hot Setup Engine Water Heater
Longacre Scale Set with ComputerScales DX Electronic Chassis Scale, (4) Scale Pads, Monitor, Wiring & Cart
(2) Longacre Turn Plates
Longacre Digital Tire Pressure Gauges
Intercomp Temperature Gun
Longacre Tire Pyrometer
Krontec Lances
Satubli Dump Jugs w/ SS Stands & Probe Covers
ATL & Jazz Dump Jugs
AC Hydraulic Engine Hoist, Capacity: 2,200 lbs., Collapsible
Paoli Dive Tank Set
LISTA, CTECH and Assorted Tool Chests
Pneumatic Pit Guns
Milwaukee M18 Impact Guns
Cabinets FULL of Aerospace Grade Hardware, Electrical Components, Fittings, Plugs, etc.
Port-a-Cool 60” Fans, Drum Fans, Folding Tables, Nitrogen Bottle Cages, Torque Wrenches, Heat Guns, Testers, Tap & Die sets, Crimpers, Borescope kit, etc.

Shop & Fabrication Equipment
Sunnen Precision Honing Machine, Model: LBB-1699
Chassis Setup Plate, 8’ x 20’
Elevated Chassis Setup Plate, 6’ x 14’
Eastern Precision Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner
HYD-MECH Horizontal Band Saw, Model: S-20M, S/N: 6C11111260
(2) Enco Vertical Bandsaws, Model: 01712009
Dake Cold Saw, Model: 315-1PH
Birmingham Lathe
Miller Syncrowave250 DX TIG Welder
Miller Millermatic150 MIG Welder
(2) Bridgeport Mills w/ Digital Readout Controls
(2) Drill Presses, Baleigh & Ryobi
Cyclone Sandblasting Cabinet, Model: 3824
Pro-Tools Electric Bead Roller on Stand
Pexto Shear, Model: 152K, Capacity: 18 Ga.
Pexto Shear
Enco 50” Slip Roll, Model: 130-5501, Capacity: 16 Ga., Mfg Year: 2005
ProFormer Manual Break, Capacity: 16 Ga.
Manual Break, 48”, Capacity: 16 Ga.
Dake Arbor Press, No. 1 ½
Beverly Throatless Shear, Model: B2
Conquest Disc Grinder/Sander, Model: 20ARCH, 3 PH
NORCO 2-Ton Shop Press
Dewalt Cutoff Saw, Makita Cutoff Saw, Pedestal Grinders, Disc Sander, Horizonal Boring Drill on Stand, Clamps, Vises, Slide Hammer Puller Set, Gas/Acetylene Welding Carts, Torch Gauge Sets, Welding Hoses, Welding Helmets, Welding Tables, Butcher Block Top Shop Tables, Parts Organizers, Ladders, Rolling Tool Cabinets, etc.

Inspection & Test Equipment
Dynojet Dynamometer w/ CPU, Electronics and Cart
Engine Dynamometer w/ Superflow Controls and Electronics
DCM Magnetic Particle Checker, Model: MPI 3062, S/N: 35101, 1 PH/230 Volt
ASNL Injector Tester, Capacity: 8 Injectors
FaroArm Platinum CMM Inspection Arm, Length: 8’, Mfg. Year: 2010, S/N: P08-05-10-08515
Kwik Mark Dot Peen Marking Machine, Model: KM-64
Rockwell Hardness Tester
Height Gauges, Assorted Testers, Micrometers, Digital Protractors, Laser Levels, etc.

Race Accessories, Radio Equipment & Hospitality
Race Car Simulator, approx. 6’ x 2.5’, includes: Ultra CPU Tower, Logitech Surround Sound System, ProCar by Scott Race Seat, Panasonic Flatscreen TV,
Crew Helmets, assorted types (25+)
Crew & Driver Shoes, New Balance
Moto Sport Goggles, Oakley & Scott
Sparco Fire Resistant Under Garments; head socks, shirts, long underwear, socks
Grizzly & Coleman Coolers
Pop-up Tents, various sizes
Folding Chairs
Folding Tables
Catering Equipment
Glass Door Display Coolers
Poly-Flooring (1,000’s of Square Feet in various colors)
Retractable Rope Dividers
Kenwood NX300 Radios (30+), Batteries, Charging Banks, Headsets
RCI Headsets w/ Bluetooth & Dual Radio Ports (15+)
Kenwood TK Radios (8+)
Radius GR1225 Repeater Unit with Travel Case, Antennas and Wires
Car Radio Harnesses


Key Terms
Full Payment is Due at the Conclusion of the Auction.
Accepted Forms of Payment:  Cash, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Wire Transfer
A check will ONLY be accepted with a Bank Letter of Guarantee
12% Buyers Premium Will be Collected for on-site Buyers, 18% for Online Buyers
Complete Terms can be found under the documents tab.
License Information: AB3686; Seth Seaton AU4902
Seller: SpeedSource, Inc.

*Shipping for this auction will not be provided by Key Auctioneers. Key Auctioneers will gladly facilitate shipping with third party moving/shipping companies. 

Old Stuff at Sebring 12h: Conti Challenge Miatas

One thing that hasn’t changed in ages about IMSA is the NC Miatas racing in the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge… in fact the cars precede IMSA’s current Continental Tire Challenge altogether since they used to run and kick ass in the Grand Am Conti Tire Series.

As someone that likes new and shiny things I’d complain about something so clearly stale and out of date. But since these cars look exactly the same as my own Miata, I love seeing them race. In fact I’m glad to see the NC Miata’s still racing in such high profile series, probably the best, the top, sports car racing series in America.

Again I was lucky enough to take some shots on my break from working in the pits…

and again on the grid prior to their race:

The cars were a bit off pace from the leaders. The Murillo Miata acted as a Piñata with multiple GS class cars smashing into it from the very beginning of the race onwards. The Freedom Autosport Miata once again acted as a hero and pushed an ST class Cayman over the finish line (much like pushing his teammate at COTA).

Also the #34 Murillo Racing is obviously the restickered #34 of Alara Racing Miata from last season. Funny how cars change hands. And another peculiar thing about this race car, notice the parts car in their paddock space… despite the IMSA Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge stickers, that is a TCA car from the competing Pirelli World Challenge series…

Post Card from the Roar Before the 24 at Daytona International Speedway

Did not think I’d go back to Daytona, until I saw all the entries for the 2017 IMSA season… wow! The new DPi programs are in full effect. There are several GTE and GT3 machines with new manufacturers. I had to be here. Not once but twice… Not just for the 24 hour race at the end of January… but the Roar before the 24 in the beginning of the month.

Here are some pix from Turn 4, working with my good friend John Gamble:

Pretty impressive line up in the GT field:

  • Aston Martin Vantage (GTD)
  • Acura NSX (GTD)
  • BMW M6 (GTLM & GTD)
  • Corvette C7.R (GTLM)
  • Ferrari 488 (GTLM & GTD)
  • Ford GT (GTLM)
  • Lamborghini Huracan GT3 (GTD)
  • Lexus IS-F (GTD)
  • Mercedes-AMG SLS (GTD)
  • Porsche 911 GT3 R (GTD)
  • Porsche 911 GT3 RSR (GTLM)

The prototype field is also expanded with new Cadillac DPi replacing the familiar Corvette Daytona Prototypes. Mazda has a new skin, but a very similar engine sound to the old Lola. Lots of Orecas, a few Ligier Nissans, etc.

In the Continental Tire support group the McLaren GT4 is really balancing out the Porsche Cayman GT4 dominance.

More pix from the pit walk:

And some shots from Station 4:

And a delicious pizza dinner with the Gambles Friday night:

Looking forward to the rest of the weekend even if Saturday is supposed to be very wet…. more to come!

San Francisco Region Needs Marshals for IMSA at Laguna Seca

I just received an invite from the flag chiefs at the San Francisco Region of the SCCA to volunteer for IMSA Tudor United SportsCar Championship at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca on May 1-3, 2015

I wish I could go, believe me… but hopefully sharing this information here would encourage others to sign up.

Laguna Seca is an amazing facility, and as a visiting marshal a few years ago they allowed me to work their most famous corner: the Corkscrew… twice! I worked both the American Le Mans Series round at Laguna Seca and Grand-Am round a few months later. It was an absolute blast and I am forever grateful to the good folks at San Fran region for their warm hospitality.

As a visiting marshal you may be slightly surprised at the way things are done with SFR. For example some of the traditional hand signals are quite different in California. As far as marshal roles go, you’ll find teams of flaggers and teams of communicators that are separate and are organized by separate chiefs, but work together over the weekend. You may rotate through all the flagging roles but will not be expected to handle the radio during that rotation. In some cases you may be the only person on station working the radio and flags at the same time. I loved that bit when I worked at the bottom of the Corkscrew for my last event there.

laguna seca 1

laguna seca alms

grand am laguna seca

If you are going to take my advice and go to California for this wonderful event… than make a trip out of it! What I mean by that, factor in some sightseeing time like I did. Go check out Big Sur on your leisurely drive along the PCH – Pacific Coast Highway. Experience the local cuisine. Stay in Monterey! Visit Salinas for some authentic Mexican cuisine. Enjoy San Francisco if that’s the way you fly in, or Oakland or San Jose. You won’t be disappointed. I guarantee it.

Most importantly enjoy yourself at the track. You’ll be amazed at the views you get just driving around the perimeter of the circuit. The incredible elevation changes. I mean it’s the whole package. Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in my view is one of the top circuits in America. Volunteering an IMSA event there is probably one of the most exciting volunteering opportunities there are, in the whole of North America. Truly!

The sign up link is here:

Continental Tire Monterey Grand Prix

More info about the event:  www.mazdaraceway.com/continental-tire-monterey-grand-prix

SF Region web site: sites.google.com/site/sfrcorners/

What I love most about SCCA


No question about it… I don’t go to the track for the beer or the people that get shitfaced on it. Saying this outloud at a few events didn’t win me any friends. And I’m well aware of my reputation as someone very critical of the organization that essentially licenses me to be a volunteer marshal in the US (hey… is it wrong to expect a little something for the $85/year membership fee I pay, like say training?)

But what is absolutely, unquestionably amazing about SCCA is it’s racing, especially on the Pro level: Pirelli World Challenge, Trans-Am, Playboy Miata MX-5 Cup, etc. And thanks to the pitiful performance of the other professional series in the US falling flat on it’s face race after race, SCCA Pro is an amazing alternative.

It’s a bit of a shame I didn’t get to pencil in a single race this season where I could volunteer for the series. Partly I think it’s because they run as a support race to other races, like IndyCar which I haven’t given much priority this year over others. BUT I will definitely make a bigger effort to work at least one Pirelli World Challenge sports car event next season.

The first year I volunteered for World Challenge, the fastest cars seemed to be Cadillac’s and Volvo’s, with an occasional Corvette reaching the top spot in a field full of Camaros and Mustangs; which was a little “meh” in comparison to the amazing machinery of ALMS or Grand-Am at the time. The following year with the addition of some GT3 technology like the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and Audi R8 the flood gates opened for even more exciting stuff. I got to see McLarens, Lambos and Bentleys race in Europe and the Middle East, now I can watch them race much closer to home.

If only SCCA Pro could organize a few events (preferably endurance) where the Pirelli World Challenge isthe feature race, with Trans-Am, Playboy Miata MX-5 Cup and perhaps some open wheel series like USF1600 or USF2000 could act as support races, we could have an incredible weekend on par to those organized by IndyCar or IMSA. For the love of God SCCA please make it happen. Please!

trans am lime rock park

Trans Am feature event at Lime Rock scca pro world challenge mercedes sls amg

Pirelli World Challenge support race to V8 Supercars, Austin 400 at Circuit of the Americas long beach gp 4

Pirelli World Challenge support race to IndyCar & ALMS at Long Beach Grand Prixdetroit gp 4Pirelli World Challenge support race to IndyCar & Grand-Am at Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix

Media from Grand-Am at Lime Rock

One of my favorite souvenirs from a race track are photos/videos of us in action.

We were lucky enough to capture some memories ourselves and thanks to a few SponsorAFlagger.com friendly photographers that took their attention off the race cars for a second to take a shot or two of the flaggers.

Check them out:

lime rock grand am 3

lime rock grand am 2

lime rock grand am 1

Huge thanks to Romel Evangelista photography: https://www.facebook.com/RomelEvangelistaPhotography

lime rock grand-am 3

lime rock grand-am 2

lime rock grand-am 1

Thanks to our friend Michael Paul Esposito!

If anyone reading this has got some more cool shots of us at Lime Rock, please feel free to share through here or via facebook. Cheers!

Grand-Am season finale at Lime Rock

An exciting weekend draws a close on a fantastic race weekend, championship year, and over a decade long series. The next iteration of Grand-Am will be part of the USCC – United Sports Car Championship along with ALMS – American Le Mans Series, but until then we had one last shot at it at Lime Rock with Tim and Jessie of SponsorAFlagger.com

lime rock grand am 6

We were lucky enough to work together both days of the event, on turn 1 for Friday’s practice and turn 4 for Saturday’s qualifying and race. I have already given a sneak peak from Friday so I’ll focus on race day here. It was a thrilling race, we had an excellent view that was almost too close to the action as the #99 Red Dragon went off track along our station spraying us with rocks and dust, slightly injuring Jessie in the process. But we soldiered on, and I selfishly hogged the blue flag which the other two made fun of me for not waving it aggressively enough 🙂 I nearly shredded that canvas off the wooden stick again.

lime rock grand am 1

lime rock grand am 2

lime rock grand am 3

lime rock grand am 4

Perhaps an overshadowing story from the weekend, wasn’t the racing but the amazing work Tim and Jessie did for SponsorAFlagger.com With my guestimate, they contributed nearly $1,000 bux to all the flaggers that worked the event thanks to contributions from a number of Grand-Am teams. And that figure is nothing to sneeze at. Ultra impressive and credit must be given where credit is due. In that light I wish to personally thank all the contributors starting with Marc Miller of CJ Wilson Racing who not only gave an impressive presentation of driver changes and a team Q&A about his racing Mazda MX-5, but also gave away swag and gas cards for participants in his driver’s change demo! Flaggers got to sit in and strap in the race car, while I timed their driver change attempts. Freaking awesome!

lime rock 1.5

lime rock 1

Peter Baron of Starworks Autosport came through big time with Target Gift Cards for every flagger this weekend. He had mentioned doing something like that when I last met him at Laguna Seca a few weeks ago, and he certainly did not disappoint. We are huge fans of the Starworks team #2 and #8 cars sporting the SponsorAFlagger.com flagger chick proudly on their body work in recent victory photos, and we wish them the best of luck in the future!

lime rock grand am 5

Kirk Spencer of CKS Autosport also surprised us with a generous gas card donation on our late night wander through the Grand-Am paddock, for which we are again incredibly thankful!

This event was a great conclusion to an excellent season at Lime Rock for me, and a very sad one to think that there won’t be any major pro-racing there next year on the same level as I have enjoyed for the last two years. Oh well… I will certainly miss the pit walks at this bullrink!

Post card from Grand-Am at Lime Rock

Greetings from Lime Rock and the Grand-Am Rolex Series season finale.
The weekend is off to a good start, despite me returning from Thailand with a major flu, and my mom telling me when I was abroad that her car broke… I managed to make it here.

Only the Grand-Am series are running this weekend, no support races. In fact the ST class practiced, qualified and had a race today. Pole was set by Marc Miller who Jessie and Tim recruited to do a little marshal demo in the morning, and he did a great job.
lime rock 2

Jessie, Tim and I once again found ourselves at turn one. Great station with plenty of action. Looking forward to the feature race tomorrow.

lime rock grand-am 4

Grand-Am at Laguna Seca debrief

I like it when things go well, no… I love it! And this trip to Laguna Seca went exceptionally well from start to finish. So allow me to outline the successes and give encouragement to others hopefully reading this post that such a thing is possible.

This trip was one of the first events I booked upon returning from Asia Pacific… and what a hell of a deal that was. $120/round trip to fly one of my favorite airlines: JetBlue from Newark, NJ to San Francisco, CA via Boston, MA. The connection times were a bit lengthy but at such a rate I would have been happy to visit downtown Boston for a bowl of clam chowder, but with JetBlue I didn’t have to – because they allowed me to go stand-by on a previous flight… twice! Because of this amazing capability I arrived San Fran at least four hours ahead of schedule, which meant I was there at a reasonable hour, and not around midnight like I had booked. So without giving it much thought I checked the car rental deals to see if I can do something about picking up the rental that was originally booked for next morning. Lo and behold I managed to get an even better rate for half an hour past my arrival. Sweeet! I didn’t have to spend the night at the airport, or have to go find a hotel in the city… I got into my car and headed out towards the Monterey Peninsula.

Once in Monterey I first went to check out Laguna Seca, thinking I could register early, but with Grand-Am in town there was very little happening… so I cruised around, checked out the beautiful ocean scenery and had some amazing food. The action on track finally started Friday, but not until late morning and almost noon-time. The support series that got to hit the track early were tame, but with decent fields it was fun to watch. Similarly for practice, qualifying and race day, the main attraction: Grand-Am did not disappoint. As I mentioned earlier I had the best seat in the house, working turn 8A at the bottom of the Corkscrew. I am amazed and honored with the trust the SF SCCA region put in me by letting me work that station alone for most of the weekend… they have figured out something other regions are still working on… when I’m busy I hardly take any pictures, haha!

So besides one little incident with a Continental Tire Challenge Camaro flying across the Corskcrew we were pretty quiet. I had a nice trip back up to SF to return the rental, and spend the next two nights in a hostel, which was a first. But it allowed for a perfect location to explore the city, which I was very much looking forward to do utilizing the Cable Car system… I think I managed to try every line! I also revisited Chinatown, and this time really really really enjoyed my meal. The secret to good food in that place is second story restaurants… and avoiding Dim Sum, which apparently I’m not a big fan of, it turns out.

The flight home was again excellent. I managed to credit the JetBlue miles to my AAdvantage account which I could later use for international flights. And once I reached Boston I again went stand-by on an earlier flight arriving home at a much more reasonable hour than I was scheduled. So that’s that. Great trip, great fun… good memories!

laguna seca grand am 1

laguna seca grand am 2

laguna seca grand am 3

laguna seca grand am 4

laguna seca grand am 5

AMA Superbikes at NJMP is next. Turns out my Dickies whites are only good for less than two seasons because three out of the four pairs have shredded in the crotch area, go figure! But I’m going to frankenstein a solution in time for Millville, where I’m looking forward to seeing my good friends whom I haven’t seen in a while. Singapore will follow shortly after.

Can’t believe this year is almost over!