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Media from SportsCar Grand Prix at Mosport

One of the many things that made the weekend at the SportsCar Grand Prix of Mosport very special was not just eating copious amounts of tasty poutine (always stick to local cuisines when I travel) but also having someone to take a few shots of me in action. My friend Will’s father, a racer in his own right, and a guest of mine this weekend along with Will, took some amazing photos of me blue flagging at turn 4. Notice how the blue flag station at Mosport is separate from the hard station which is cross track. I had an incident marshal to keep me company for the race, who would also warn me if the main station went yellow, so I wouldn’t blue flag anyone into an active incident. Great place to flag!

mosport alms

mosport alms 1

mosport alms 2

mosport alms 3

mosport alms 4

mosport alms 6

mosport alms 7

mosport alms 8

One of many traffic jams leading downhill into turn 5

mosport alms 5