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Sunday Fun Day Part 3! BBQ with Car People in Edison New Jersey

Today was an awesome day!

And the rain held off long enough for me to enjoy a delicious BBQ with a bunch of cool car people. They weren’t necessarily Mazda enthusiasts, many of course were. But there were also plenty of Subi fans. Evo fans. Toyobaru fans. Dodge Viper fans… Jaguar F-type fans. You get the idea.

The BBQ was delicious also because of the diversity of the people. Lots of Asian folks making delicious Pinoy food. Korean burgers. Ribs, hot dogs, etc. I was planning on bringing some hot dogs but since I wasn’t sure if I end up really going after the visit to the Meadowlands I didn’t want them sitting in my car. Glad I didn’t because there was food left over at the end. But my six pack of soda went to a good use. Enough about the food. The cars were so awesome and I am especially looking forward to the drone footage that one fella recorded (after almost crashing the thing into a tree).

Thanks to everyone that helped make this day awesome for me!

I really enjoyed myself…

Sunday Fun Day Part 1! AutoX Motorsport NE at the Meadownlands

Today was a good day!

The threat of rain didn’t dampen my automotive adventures… I slept in pretty late, woke up 9’ish which was a good change from last year when I volunteered Detroit Grand Prix and had to be up at the crack of dawn to drive down to Belle Isle. So that was a plus. I did get to see some racing today, if you could call Autocross racing… all 50+ seconds of it at a time where various Miata’s, Porsche’s, Vette’s, Rotary RX-7’s and RX-8’s and a shitton of other cars took to the track… err parking lot at the Meadownalds.

I was surprised to see two concurrent AutoX events happening at the Met Life Stadium (the former Giants Stadium) one at Lot L and another at Lot E. I’ll share my observations below, knowing full well that many will not agree with my opinions… and since I took a hell of a lot of pictures I’ll break them up into three parts, the Sunday Fun Day series if you will.

So first stop was at Lot L where Motorsports North East were running their Autocross… I learned about it at Miata.net where several owners posted a plan to “race” and hang out, spectate and proceed to lunch at a famous hot dog joint nearby.

I came. I saw. I took some pix. And I got bored rather quickly. Now I understand why I prefer circuit racing to solo. Especially if I could be a part of it as a volunteer.

So here’s some pix:

As you can see people run what they brung… I had a hard time choosing a cover photo for this post because it was definitely a hard choice between the beautiful Alfa Romeo Giulia which I was delighted to go flat out for the first time, or that cobbled together Mazda MX-5 Miata NA with a turbo and a big wang in the back.

But this event was definitely the “budget” version of the next stop on my automotive adventures today… the Sunday Fun Day series continues…

Sunday Cruise along Seven Lakes Drive to the Top of Bear Mountain

It’s been a long while since I helped organize a Seven Lakes Drive cruise up to Bear Mountain State Park. I’ve been wanting to put something together but it seems like nobody was ever interested on  Miata.net forums or the New Jersey Miatas facebook group. Turns out that people were always interested and enjoying the ride, they just didn’t care to do it with me….   Today however I joined a super secret, private facebook group on a cruise along the twisties of Bear Mountain, and it was a fantastic experience!

I’m so glad Chris, the owner of a beautiful 2008 NC1 GT PRHT that I’ve been sharing pictures of on this blog for a few times now, most recently from our cruise down the Jersey Shore a week ago, invited me to join him and his friends on a leisurely Sunday drive.

Unlike last week’s Miata meet, this was quite a diverse group of friends sporting everything from E30 BMW’s to Toyobaru BRZ’s. There were several Mitsubishi Evo’s and a bunch of Subbie WRX STi’s, even a Mini Cooper GP that decided to join when he saw us zoom zooming around.

It was such a beautiful day for a drive we were by no means the only group cruising Seven Lakes Drive, 9W and Palisades Interstate Parkway around Bear Mountain. We saw large groups of Porsche owners, BMW’s, Lotus, Honda S2000 (which was probably the biggest), etc. all cruising the same roads. As well as hundreds of tourists with rental cars (many sporting out of state plates, like California for example… which you know were definitely rentals because who would drive cross country just to take in the scenic views from the top of Bear Mountain?) It was awesome.

I had a blast. The group was very mature. Very organized. Nobody crashed. People behaved well. It was a pleasure. And the BBQ lunch we went to near West Point was simply outstanding.

Would love to do this again sometime…

some pix:


Following Chris on our 7am pre-run recon lap on Seven Lakes Dr.


The official 8am meet-up in Sloatsburg, NY







Perfect day for a leisurely cruise in the mountain twisties.


Lots of regrouping along the way, and doing some stretches twice.



Lots of leaves collected behind grills, against the radiators.





Yep, a ton of leaves… Gotta love fall foliage…







Line up for group photos…







Some tourists did in fact come a long way… doubt a rental car company would have a vanity plate so specific…




It was so congested that Police closed some of the roads we wanted to take for the scenic drive.


Of course closed roads typically result in standstill traffic.


Food at last!






Delicious 3-Meat Platter…. Yumm!




Final Group Photo Shoot…




I am a huge fan of Chris’s Miata, it’s very tastefully done!







Notice the difference in height, mine = stock, Chris’s = lowered.



Back on the road to the top of Bear Mountain for sunset views.







The End!

Mazda MX-5: Orlando Roadsters Meet at Miata’s & More in Longwood, FL

I try not to waste any opportunity to meet other Miata owners whenever I travel, so imagine my surprise and excitement when I came across an invitation to attend Orlando Roadsters Meet on my trip to marshal St. Pete and Sebring this March. I was so luckily to have had the chance to experience the event held at Miata’s & More shop in Longwood just a short drive from Orlando, and a place with at least half a dozen interesting Miatas in the shop with various performance mods and upgrades. It was awesome.

miata's & more orlando roadsters meet 28

Not only was I lucky enough to be in the right place and the right time to check out some fellow MX-5 owners in a different part of the country, I was able to share the experience with a friend visiting from half way around the world: New Zealand a place where MX-5’s are plentiful both on the street and the race track. In fact her favorite car at the event was done up in a theme that has been raced around the tracks on the North Island by it’s kiwi owner.

The shop hosting the event: Miata’s & More generously fired up the grill and cooked up some tasty burgers and hot dogs for it’s visitors. The facebook sign up page had over 100 people interested and about 50 attending. When we were there I counted something in the neighborhood of 30 to 40 cars with about 10 from the shop itself. But it was a huge event for certain. As we were pulling out of the lot a convoy of five more NA’s pulled in.

I’m especially thankful to the Miata’s & More employee (possibly owner) who was kind enough to lend me “something sharp and narrow” – a pick, to scoop out the damn milkshake from the driver’s side door card speaker mesh which I carelessly spilled while trying to take a picture of the car with Daytona International Speedway in the background… D’oh!  So thank you sir for the awesome hospitality, I had an excellent time visiting and meeting all the other owners in attendance.

miata's & more orlando roadsters meet 1

Here’s some pix:

miata's & more orlando roadsters meet 2

miata's & more orlando roadsters meet 3

miata's & more orlando roadsters meet 4

miata's & more orlando roadsters meet 5

miata's & more orlando roadsters meet 6

miata's & more orlando roadsters meet 7

miata's & more orlando roadsters meet 8

miata's & more orlando roadsters meet 9

miata's & more orlando roadsters meet 10

miata's & more orlando roadsters meet 11

miata's & more orlando roadsters meet 12

miata's & more orlando roadsters meet 13

miata's & more orlando roadsters meet 14

The first MX-5 Exocet I’ve seen in flesh, and it looks & sounds great!

miata's & more orlando roadsters meet 15

miata's & more orlando roadsters meet 16

miata's & more orlando roadsters meet exocet mx-5

miata's & more orlando roadsters meet 17

miata's & more orlando roadsters meet 18

miata's & more orlando roadsters meet 26

miata's & more orlando roadsters meet 25

miata's & more orlando roadsters meet 24

miata's & more orlando roadsters meet 23


miata's & more orlando roadsters meet 19

miata's & more orlando roadsters meet 20

miata's & more orlando roadsters meet 21

miata's & more orlando roadsters meet 22

miata's & more orlando roadsters meet 29

miata's & more orlando roadsters meet 31

miata's & more orlando roadsters meet 32

miata's & more orlando roadsters meet 32a

miata's & more orlando roadsters meet 33

miata's & more orlando roadsters meet 30

miata's & more orlando roadsters meet 27

miata's & more orlando roadsters meet honda s2000

All generations of the MX-5 were nicely represented. We had a few new ND’s one with the Brembo kit and all the carbon bits around. There was a few Mazdaspeed turbo NB’s. And even a right hand drive NA. Many cars were very much upgraded in performance specs and many of them had the work done at Miata’s & More. According to the few owners I spoke with they do these sort of events monthly and some times even more frequently than that which makes me very jealous. And I love the motto for the club: no fees just join the enthusiasts whom welcome everyone into their community. Besides the MX-5’s there were also Honda S2000’s, Nissan 370Z’s, BMW’s, etc.

Fantastic event and I’d highly recommend this to other locals that may not have heard of the Orlando Roadsters Club or even for the visitors coming to Disney and wishing to take their mind off their vacation by hanging out with local Miata owners. No better way to spend the time in sunny Florida.

Thanks Miata’s & More for your warm hospitality!

Cars & Decaf Bergen County at Fireplace in Paramus

I love coming out to car events, especially if they’re so local I could practically walk there. So tonight I finally had a chance to check out the local Cars & Decaf (the weekday version of Cars & Coffee) in Bergen County held at the famous Fireplace restaurant in Paramus.

I’ve been to the Fireplace a number of times before because the food is good, so this time I arrived early, went inside for a nice meal and by the time I came out the parking lot was full of very pretty cars. The most interesting thing to me was how mixed up everything was… you had your Lamborghini Aventador’s parked next to Ferrari F430’s, parked next to Mazda MX-5 Miata’s. But instead of writing about it, I’ll just share some cell phone pix I took:

cars and decaf lambo aventador

cars and decaf ferrari 458

cars and decaf ferrari lambo

cars and decaf classic ferrari

cars and decaf ferrari sticker

cars and decaf firebird firehawk

cars and decaf porsche 911 GT3

cars and decaf viper

cars and decaf mx-5 miata

cars and decaf honda s2000

cars and decaf miata elise

I got to chat with both the S2000 and the Elise owners. Great guys. The Lotus owner was kind enough to park his car next to the Miata so I can take some comparison shots. The MX-5 looks huge next to the tiny little Elise.

cars and decaf miata elise 2

cars and decaf miata elise 1

Very happy I had the opportunity to attend this event, and will be sure to keep an eye out on future events in this area this summer.