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NASCAR is Hiring at Sebring & Road Atlanta

So it turns out NASCAR is hiring!

I’ve been out of work since January of last year. Needless to say I’m desperate to find something soon to help pay the bills. Jobs in Motorsport would take the highest priority for me because obviously that’s something I absolutely enjoy doing on a volunteer basis and would definitely appreciate getting paid for it, when possible. While I knew multiple tracks hired marshals on a part time basis, it’s no secret I even applied for a job with the New Jersey Motorsports Park back in 2012 or 2013, I hate the idea of being stuck at one particular track. I really enjoy traveling around and enjoying the variety of different series around the US and the world.

WELL, if anyone is interested, NASCAR is indeed hiring for several positions at their tracks including Road Atlanta in Georgia and Sebring in Central Florida.

Here’s a little preview of the job for a “Corner Worker”

And here’s a “Fire Rescue” job for Sebring International Raceway:

Other jobs like a NASCAR Race Official jobs are also available and a number of other tech and marketing opportunities as well both with NASCAR and IMSA sports car arm. A job I’d love to get myself if I lived closer to those tracks and not in New Jersey.

Maybe I ought to move closer?

Lone Star Le Mans Media

It’s one thing to roam around the paddock awkwardly trying to get a selfie right and another to have someone kindly capture some spectacular memories for you with a fancy DSLR. I got lucky on Wednesday afternoon, just a day before Lone Star Le Mans officially hit the track at the Circuit of the Americas when James from Hawai’i kindly took a ton of great photos for me. Enjoy:

wec cota pit safety car

wec cota pit porsche prototype

wec cota pit aston martin

We even managed to capture the whole of Porsche’s line-up taking a group shot on the main straight. How often does something like that happen? Certainly not too many times in my short volunteering career.

wec cota grid porsche 2

wec cota grid porsche 1

wec cota grid porsche 3

So thank you again James! Mahalo & Aloha ­čÖé See you next time…

wec cota pit james