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ALMS at Mid Ohio, oh yes Indycar & World Challenge

Mid Ohio was the final stop on a three week, three thousand mile road trip to three different racetracks all featuring some of the best sports car racing series in the world.  And the verdict: it was the best event of the trip… at least the ALMS race where I got to do blue flag for most of the race. Having done American LeMans several times now I was quite used to the field, so it was very natural to blue flag the leaders and the fastest cars in each class. There was also Indycars racing on Sunday, but that race was totally overshadowed by ALMS.

The new entry to the GT field in ALMS was a 2012 SRT Viper with two cars #91 and #93. I got to see them in practice when I arrived early for registration, but they didn’t seem particularly quick. Surprisingly, bumped into John Hammer from SRT track experience on a few occasions at Mid Ohio. Looks like Chrysler is really pushing this racing program.

Having spent a stressful two weeks in Michigan I couldn’t wait to head back East, trying to limp my iffy car back to Jersey. Surprisingly with minimal A/C use and sticking to the speed limit there wasn’t a drop of coolant anywhere in the engine bay. So much so that the water pump I bought in Detroit will not be used yet. I will continue using the car as is for the next trip to Watkins Glen International for another Grand Am instalment as a support race for NASCAR. Luckily unlike Indianapolis Motor Speedway I will actually stick around for NASCAR this time 🙂

mid ohio selfie

mid ohio 2

mid ohio group photo

We even made it on TV broadcast:

mid ohio tv