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Cars and Coffee at Tices Corner in Woodcliff Lake New Jersey April 2018

Good news, bad news… finally found a job which unfortunately has me working Sundays. Luckily it’s around the corner from this Sunday’s Cars and Coffee at Tices Corner in Woodcliff Lake… so I stopped by first thing in the morning to take some pix.

It took a few attempts to get the 2018 C&C season going with all the snow and salt on the roads deep into spring time. But it finally happened. And the takeaway for me from the first event of the season was all the colorful Lambos… and more specifically the Murcielagos.

That ugly gray mess of a pile behind one of the orange Murcies is dust covered snow… it was still freezing. I’m looking forward to more of these events once the weather gets nicer.

Cars & Coffee at Tice’s Corner Woodcliff Lake NJ November 2017

An impromptu Cars & Caffe event this Sunday at the end of November got my toddler nephew all excited about the prospect of seeing some colorful cars on display… He’s been asking about going to a car show since I brought him to the Garden State Plaza mega meet, and the best I could tell him was we’ll go next year. Luckily he didn’t have to wait that long! Also lucky for us Panera Bread was nice and warm and offered some hot food after we quickly froze our asses off checking out all the cars that showed up…

Love how the colors pop! in the gray background of North Jersey winter:

Not the easiest task taking pictures while carrying a kid in my arms… but I have to say it was a great deal of fun, and my nephew loved it!

I especially like the idea that he’s telling his little brother all about his cars and coffee experiences, recreating the scene with his Matchbox cars:

He brought a bag of these along to the show, it was hard to convince him to leave them in the car and look at the real ones on display lol!

Grid Walk Post Card from Michelin GT Challenge Biscuitville Grand Prix IMSA at VIR

There was one car that caught my eye this race weekend at VIR: the burgundy red Acura NSX GT3 of Michael Shank Racing. I’m not a huge Honda fan or an NSX fan in general, I liked their patriotic Fourth of July liveries too, but this red wrap really stood out… and I found myself always checking up on that car… checking it out. I was lucky that since I got to work as pit fire marshal one of my responsibilities was the Acura pit box, and their hauler was parked directly across from their pit box in the paddock… so there were many glimpses of that car. But of course other cars shined bright, and while the Mazda Miata’s are showing their age, I was very happy to see them race and do fairly well over the weekend.

Lots of pix of course:

I love when they send out the ice cream lady up and down pit lane, all the crews from each pit box run to her to get cooled down lol

For a little while there exotica had taken over the GS class of IMSA Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge… now with both Mustang and Camaro in GT4 form however, they are back to dominating… beating Porsche’s, McLaren’s, et al.

My other favorite car of the weekend…. sadly it didn’t do so well either, just like the NSX

and a few uniform pix working with VIR Fire Rescue:

more to come soon…

Cars & Decaf Bergen County at Fireplace in Paramus

I love coming out to car events, especially if they’re so local I could practically walk there. So tonight I finally had a chance to check out the local Cars & Decaf (the weekday version of Cars & Coffee) in Bergen County held at the famous Fireplace restaurant in Paramus.

I’ve been to the Fireplace a number of times before because the food is good, so this time I arrived early, went inside for a nice meal and by the time I came out the parking lot was full of very pretty cars. The most interesting thing to me was how mixed up everything was… you had your Lamborghini Aventador’s parked next to Ferrari F430’s, parked next to Mazda MX-5 Miata’s. But instead of writing about it, I’ll just share some cell phone pix I took:

cars and decaf lambo aventador

cars and decaf ferrari 458

cars and decaf ferrari lambo

cars and decaf classic ferrari

cars and decaf ferrari sticker

cars and decaf firebird firehawk

cars and decaf porsche 911 GT3

cars and decaf viper

cars and decaf mx-5 miata

cars and decaf honda s2000

cars and decaf miata elise

I got to chat with both the S2000 and the Elise owners. Great guys. The Lotus owner was kind enough to park his car next to the Miata so I can take some comparison shots. The MX-5 looks huge next to the tiny little Elise.

cars and decaf miata elise 2

cars and decaf miata elise 1

Very happy I had the opportunity to attend this event, and will be sure to keep an eye out on future events in this area this summer.

Brilliant safety demo from Lamborghini Trofeo at Lime Rock

I was thrilled, truly pleasantly surprised when our Thursday morning meeting for the Northeast Grand Prix at Lime Rock Park started with a safety demo featuring the newest same-marque racing series: Lamborghini Trofeo. The powers that be from IMSA displayed various safety features of a brand new racing Gallardo, pointing out the tow loop, fire extinguisher button, electric cut off switch, etc.

It was quick, painless and very informative which is exactly what I think we need at more events around the world. A useful refresher for people (marshals) that are expected to perform at the top of their game under time sensitive and often dangerous conditions.

Thank You! to IMSA, to Lamborghini Trofeo and of course the New York Region of SCCA that ran the Northeast GP event at Lime Rock, you guys are world class!!!

lamborghini super trofeo demo lime rock 2

lamborghini super trofeo demo lime rock 1

lamborghini super trofeo demo lime rock 3

PS. one question that wasn’t asked… What is Change Cola?