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Cars and Coffee at Tices Corner in Woodcliff Lake New Jersey April 2018

Good news, bad news… finally found a job which unfortunately has me working Sundays. Luckily it’s around the corner from this Sunday’s Cars and Coffee at Tices Corner in Woodcliff Lake… so I stopped by first thing in the morning to take some pix.

It took a few attempts to get the 2018 C&C season going with all the snow and salt on the roads deep into spring time. But it finally happened. And the takeaway for me from the first event of the season was all the colorful Lambos… and more specifically the Murcielagos.

That ugly gray mess of a pile behind one of the orange Murcies is dust covered snow… it was still freezing. I’m looking forward to more of these events once the weather gets nicer.

Cars & Coffee Paramus New Jersey November 2016

Autumn is winding down. Fall foliage has been reduced to leaves waiting in piles on the side of suburban streets, to be sucked up by the DPW trucks… things are about to get pretty gray for a couple of months over the winter. Let a little color cheer you up this weekend. I went to a local Cars & Coffee in Paramus to see some awesome cars on display for everyone’s enjoyment!

I spent a whole of five minutes running around taking pictures, but I’m quite happy I got out of bed early this Sunday morning for this amazing opportunity, enjoy:


Surprised my car looks so good even when it definitely needs a wash.



The one thing that stood out at me was the amount of Lotus Espirit’s that showed up for this event.













Lots of SRT-8 Challengers and colorful Hellcats in attendance too…














That’s all folks… I think there’s one more of these next week. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it!

Media from the Paddock: Sahlen’s 6hr at the Glen

Was super lucky to work Station 4 for one of the days during the Sahlen’s Six Hour at the Glen this weekend, and it was a convenient place to walk over to the paddock for some pics. It was very wet, to the point that TUSC qualifying, Porsche GT3 Cup and Lamborghini Super Trofeo races were abandoned.

Not much to say about that but have lots of pix to share:

sahlen's 6hr at the glen 2

sahlen's 6hr at the glen 3

sahlen's 6hr at the glen 4

sahlen's 6hr at the glen 5

sahlen's 6hr at the glen 6

sahlen's 6hr at the glen 7

sahlen's 6hr at the glen 8

sahlen's 6hr at the glen 9

sahlen's 6hr at the glen 10

sahlen's 6hr at the glen 11

sahlen's 6hr at the glen 12

sahlen's 6hr at the glen 13

sahlen's 6hr at the glen 14

sahlen's 6hr at the glen 15

sahlen's 6hr at the glen 16

sahlen's 6hr at the glen 17

sahlen's 6hr at the glen 18

sahlen's 6hr at the glen 19

sahlen's 6hr at the glen 20

sahlen's 6hr at the glen 21

sahlen's 6hr at the glen 22

sahlen's 6hr at the glen 23

sahlen's 6hr at the glen 24

I love whenever I have an opportunity to take some good shots of race cars fully assembled and on display. I’m sure everyone loves seeing them too… Enjoy!