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/Drive stickers have arrived to distribute to Marshals

I’m happy to say that the good folks at /Drive have send me a stack of stickers to distribute to marshals around the world to promote grassroots motorsport and automotive news coverage. (/Drive is a video version of Jalopnik which is a kick-ass site started by the same people in the NYC area) This is a great endeavor that I hope results in something positive both for /Drive and the marshalling community, who knows we as marshals may even get some coverage on the /Shakedown channel out of this (not everyone can be a racer, or a mechanic, there are plenty of roles in motorsport and marshalling is my favorite!) Similarly, /Drive as a YouTube channel promotes motorsport to the Internet crowd, I believe through these stickers on marshal’s gear we can get the fans already in attendance at the track to check out the videos if they haven’t already and subscribe to this channel. Lets grow the grassroots motorsport community… often news about motorsport is fragmented, lets support a reliable source that’s readily available for everyone online, FREE of charge!

So far I’ve sent out the stickers to friends I’ve met through marshalling in Brazil, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Malaysia, United Kingdom, India, South Korea as well as Canada and the USA. I have many more available to give out at future events I attend like the F1 race at Austin, Texas in November. For anyone interested, send me a quick note with a request, all I ask in return that you take a few pictures of the sticker on your car or on your marshalling gear with a nice background from your track, or your city, or something unique that I could share with /Drive.

I took a few of my own car at New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville after attending Mary’s funeral. She and her husband John took me under their wing when I first came to NJMP and I am forever grateful to them. She and I often walked thru the paddock and collected a bunch of swag from teams and competitors including stickers. So this was a nice touch. And I hope it serves as an example of what I’m looking to get. Cheers!

Also a few shots from the Jeep and the Impala:

Check out /Drive via the following links:

/Drive web site: www.slashdrive.tv

/Drive YouTube: www.youtube.com/drive

/Drive on Jalopnik: drive.jalopnik.com 

drive stickers

drive sticker 1

drive sticker 2

drive sticker 3

drive sticker 4

drive sticker 5

drive sticker 6

drive sticker 7

drive sticker 8

drive sticker 9

/Drive /Shakedown Inspiration for Enduros, Nurburgring & Spa

A bit of a movie theme for the past few posts lately, but so totally worth it. I’m just now coming across some amazing footage from Leo Parente & JF Musial from /Drive & /Shakedown with their coverage of the Nurburgring 24 hours and 24 hours of Spa.

Not much to say other than these are very high on my bucket list of races to volunteer as a marshal. Definitely in the five year plan, if not sooner! Oldies but goodies, enjoy:

Nurburgring 24 hours

Spa 24 hours